Saturday, April 16, 2011

Custom Day

A happy confluence of events is leading me to work on custom requests today:

* In the past week, I've had requests for 4 custom videos, a custom picture set, and a custom mp3, some of which I could re-sell.

* Yesterday, I got an inexpensive (but well reviewed) "hot brush" curling-iron thingamadoodle, on the advice of an anonymous ex-hairdresser blog reader (thank you!) to try out straighten my hair on my own. Last night I played with it, with happy results.

* Today, I have high energy and high enthusiasm for filming. It's odd that the urge to do clips comes and goes with me, but I find it appears most often when I don't try to force it.

* Last night, I had a great relaxing evening off the phones last night, while getting many appreciative looks from people in the restaurant as I was leaving in my high heels and form-hugging little red dress, so I feel sexy.

* Today, my face is free of noticeable blemishes (one drawback of having young-looking skin: it behaves like it's young, too, so unless I tend to it meticulously twice per day, I break out like a teenager).

* Today, the sun is shining, so the lighting is easier.

I'll probably be on the phones tonight after I'm done fulfilling all my requests! Wish me luck!

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