Monday, April 4, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Yet again, I'm taking on a big project that will take me down a rabbit hole. My last big project was to post a bunch of picture sets for sale.

The current project is to optimize my new blog format for SEO (search engine optimization). No, I haven't announced the location of my new blog yet, because it's not done being set up yet, but I'll be ready after I do the SEO stuff. It involves scraping the blogger tags / descriptions / titles off each post and pasting them into the SEO keywords in WordPress. It's uncreative, tedious work. Wish me well, and light a candle for my sanity...

My next project will be to re-do all my listings. All bazillion of them. Okay, so there are just forty-something, but it feels like a bazillion. I'm not turning on Mistress Galiana or Hypno Galiana until they've been reworked, because they're not personalized by listing, the messages aren't exactly what I want them to be, and they are currently making me unhappy.

I know I'm a little obsessive about this kind of thing. And I often wonder if I'm doing anything to move my business forward, or if I'm just doing busy work that is closely related to phone sex *enough* to keep my mind in a sexy place between calls.

Then I get happy reassurances. For example, last weekend, I sent one of my new picture packages as a pay-to-view email to a long time caller who had expressed interest in my pictures. He bought them, he loved them, and he called me for an hour to talk about his responses! And the last time I re-did my listings, I had several callers spend time on the phone telling me why they liked the re-design...

So does that justify my compulsive efforts, or does it just add fuel to a dangerous fire?  /grin

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