Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unpredicted Responses

I have an idea what the response(s) will be when I post something on my blog, or when I rework my listings, but I'm almost never right.

I wrote about all my crazy limitations and crazy considerations with my crazy life situation if I were to think of Meeting In Person. I feared people would think I was crazy and be turned off. Instead, I got:
  • three people told me how well-organized and well-written it was, complimenting me on my presentation of such a complicated subject
  • one caller told me to plan on packing my bags this summer to visit him (I dunno if he was serious, but it was sweet)
  • two callers told me that my approach was completely reasonable, and they would love to do that for me some day
  • about ten people told me it was cool and reasonable, but they could never afford it (obviously I understand - I couldn't afford it either!)
  • a bunch of people empathizing about my complex life situation (thanks!)
  • one caller told me that he thought, "Either she's being real and honest and explaining a complicated situation, or this is the most brilliantly devised red herring ever written" which cracked me up - I don't have the energy to sustain those kinds of lies, but thanks for thinking that I'm that clever!
  • and then, I have to admit, I had a favorite response: one caller had me use my vibrator on myself hard and fast, and listen to him at the same time, while he told me, "You said in your blog post that my boner would be at risk... Do you have any idea how fucking hard it made me to read the words 'sustained... vigorous... fucking...' and think about being with you?" I will never forget how good that call made me feel. 
Then I wrote about my six-hour phone call, and I expected people to be upset with me that I had cut them off at 60 minutes, and instead, I got:
  • a woman who passed the story to her husband, who spent the next day at lunch with buddies discussing male orgasm denial: looking up cock cages on their phones, since none of them would admit to having heard of them before, and heatedly discussing the psychology of it - too funny.
  • two requests for "light financial domination" by regulars who have never played with it before, but had been curious - too fun.
  • three regulars tell me that they totally understood why I imposed time limits on them, because "I work you hard" as if they were proud of themselves (and they were all correct!) - too cute.
I wrote about my husband getting a job, which I didn't think would cause any response at all, and I got a new caller from a long-time blog reader who has extensive cuckolding fantasies, who had to call me to talk about how I'm going to be running around town, building a stable of daytime lovers while my husband is at work. Good idea...

So there's your meta post for the day, blogging about blogging, instead of actually blogging. Feel free to accuse me of slacking and come up with a suitable punishment!

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