Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Android Demo Video

I am sooooo excited to announce my first robot girl video! I have been practicing my robot movement with technosexual callers via cam calls, and they convinced me that I was strong enough to finally release a video.

The storyline is mine, and it's original, but it pulls heavily from the preferences of my callers. I've created a fictional company who manufactures the "Smart Fun Galiana" model of fembot. The company is named Advanced Smart Fun Robotics (ASFR).

(side note: ASFR also stands for, so that's pretty a freakin' awesome name, if I do say so myself... It started off as just SFR, but then I realized that it was close to ASFR, and one of trusted robot cutie fans suggested the "Advanced" /grin)

Anyway, over at Advanced Smart Fun Robotics, it is common for potential customers to request demonstrations via video call. Usually, when a conference call hosts more than one potential customer at a time, a human mediator is present, but none were available for this particular call, and the unit in question was in tip-top shape, so she ran the call on her own.

What could go wrong? Right? 
Common requests include showing more cleavage:
showing all angles:
demonstrating personality:
demonstrating "robot mode":
and... umm.... well, that's unusual for an android to be pulling out vibrators.
But this particular conference call had several specialty customers on the line, and maybe it was a particular... ummm.... request...
Oh dear.

The run time is 15:38, the format is WMV, the price is $20 (contact me to get a conversion to another format if you wish). To purchase the video "Advanced Smart Fun Robotics - Galiana Demo 01" for $20 via NiteFlirt, click here:

I suggest you buy it now, before the management at ASFR sees it and tries to get it out of circulation - the images on this video are bound to be bad for the brand...


  1. that is fun and smart Ms Galiana! you make me want to buy it, but I'm just a lurking nf phone girl checking out your blog... go girl!

  2. Thank you, lurking Flirt! ("Flirt lurk" is fun to say...) It was super fun to make, and so far the feedback has been positive, so I'm thrilled!