Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Hair Week

The spa / salon I fell in love with when I got my massage a couple of weeks ago runs same-day specials of 25% off if you book last-minute, which puts their prices in the range I'm comfortable paying.

So on Tuesday, I got one of the best haircuts ever, and she used fantastic products on my hair, and she did an amazing job of blowing out my hair afterwards:

Galiana straight hair
Freshly cut and professionally styled

That's what inspired me to do the robot video on Tuesday (as well as a blackmail / humiliation / lingerie tease video that I haven't released yet), because my hair looked too fabulous not to photograph.

At the end of the evening, I got on cam with a caller, and he wanted me to take screen captures at the end of our time together, after I'd had a big fat happy orgasm, when we were snuggling long-distance:

end of night hair
The hair held up better than I did

Fast forward a few days to today, when I washed my hair with my normal product and let it air-dry when we went to dinner, on a normal spring day in Houston:

Friday night hair
Curls galore

How is it even possible that's the same head of hair? I don't know if you can tell, but at the bottom, there are actually a few ringlets.

Sadly for video fans, tonight's curl-fest did not inspire the same shooting frenzy as Tuesday.

But I got so many compliments on my hair in the robot girl video that I am considering blowing my hair straight more often... maybe... says the woman who sometimes has to be cajoled into wearing makeup... We'll see.


  1. It's me your annoymous phone sex worker again. your hair looks lovely strait and curly. A trick to straitening it faster and easier is to use a hot air kind of curling brush when you let it air dry or blow it fast, and or to use a flat iron on it also or just... in either case both methods make it much faster and better then using a round brush while blow drying. I have curly hair naturally, but mine is a frizzy mess in my current location so I cant wear it natural. Just two tips from a former hair dresser with a wavy frizzy mop on her head.

  2. Thank you so much, anonymous frizzymopped PSO :) The brush requires that you basically keep brushing it constantly while it's drying, which I suspect I would be bad at, but it seems like it's worth a try. I think I might be willing to invest a small amount of money and time to see if at least I can do it on my own, or if I'm doomed to need pro help forever.

    Also, move to Houston... the constant humidity is amazing for curly hair :)

  3. but I am telling you the other methods I just suggested are easier and big time savers, and the results are better. Yes you have to buy the tools, but if you want product suggestions I can give them to you. I am not moving to texas though for hair purposes... lol

  4. I'd love product suggestions, thanks! (since obviously I thought I understood what you were saying and I didn't....)

  5. Solia Pink Limited Edition 1" Flat Iron
    I like the pink one personally, is one of the highest rated irons, you can add it to your wish list! Its less expensive then some irons but rated higher across the net for its preformance... use this when your hair has been blown out without being straitened with a brush... or air dried, when you get a hang of it you can also do magical touch up curles in your hair by moving it through a clump of hair in a curved way, it straitens and curls or just straitens and bends hair. No your hair doesnt harm your hair used even on a very high heat.
    now this can be purchased at most drug stores, how it works best if you blow your hair out slightly so that its 80 to 1000 dry, you take giant clumps of your hair and roll it up count thirty seconds and pull ... I prefer not using the brush attachment, there are many products like this one, and if you want it even straiter and smoother in sections then use your iron for just moments. Sometimes I just use this... it means no round brush blow drying ever, and your hair will be in better shape with MUCH better results... you can if you like delete this post afterwards, but I am telling you having these two tools actually work for those days you dont want curl, or with the flat iron used to give some ends those lovely spiral curls to perk up a curled look are pure magic, ok enough from me, I hope this helps! :)

  6. sorry for not editing what I wrote... Im looking back and thinking gosh when I type dirrectly from my head I make so many mistakes! lol

  7. Thank you thank you thank you tons!!! I will definitely try these!!