Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Role Play Up, Sex Down

I have a listing in the "Role Play" category that I started specifically to market to the ASFR / android / robot girl / technosexual / fembot / gynoid crowd. (Dear That Crowd: please settle on a name for yourselves... /grin )

And today, that listing is ranked higher as a Top Pick than my listing in the "Sex" category when you look in Find Women, which is the approximate equivalent of searching for "All Women". Or, if you're a geek, it’s a 'find . -print' from the root.

Top Picks is the default search order, and it is heavily weighted by activity in the past two weeks: calls, repeat calls, new callers, pay-to-views, click-through rate, and feedback.

My main listing has almost always been my highest Top Pick, with 36 pages of feedback and over 2000 lifetime ratings points.

What nudged my Role Play listing above it? A few things, I think, although the process is frustratingly mysterious, so I can't be absolutely sure.

One thing I know: I sold my Galiana-bot demo video under my Role Play listing, which helped it. And then I have a couple of callers who have found me there who want non-robot-themed role plays. I've taken a lot of (unexpected) time off the past two weeks, so my Sex listing has been slower. And then I had a nice, long, delicious call with a fembot fetishist ... and three of his android friends... oh, no, wait, make, that five of his android friends if you count the two lovely technicians who were testing the stamina of my upgraded pleasure controls when we started (thank goodness for lubrication conduits!).

The big differences between the two are the title and the voice sample. My Sex title is "Curvy, Fun, Creative, and a little Geeky!" And my Role Play title is "Trained Actress for RP: Robot, Escort, Bimbo...". The voice sample for the RP listing is the android voice sample, which shows vocal range for other roles as well, but mostly showcases my girlbot voice. The Sex voice sample is much more generic.

I'm so curious to see if I get a different kind of caller if this trend continues... The few I've picked up from the listing have been smart, creative, fun, and sexy sexy sexy, so if that continues, I'm happy to have my actress on top on my geek (well, goodness, that's a thoroughly distracting mental picture...)

I hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle that I'm capable of having non-sexual conversations as well. And that it's not acting when I sound like I care about my callers. And that if a call has engaged me at all sexually, emotionally, or intellectually, it's not acting when I have an orgasm.

Let's not forget those things, okay?

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