Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Draft of New Listings

I'm thinking of something like this when I update my listings this week... (except the pics will show up larger there)

Questions for you: What do you think? What am I missing? What do I have too much of? What could be better? Does it feel like "me" to you?

And... ideas for a new title? Help, I'm seriously stuck on that part...

My Blog: Get to know me better -

My Calendar: Log-in schedule for the next seven days -

My Voice: Hear a voice sample of me saying hi!

Fetish For Variety: It's hard to answer the question "what turns you on?" because the list is so long and varied. Soft and sensual, hard and rough, topping, subbing, teasing, degrading, or rubbing your shoulders while hearing about your crappy day at the office - I love all those, because it's the connection I enjoy most.

Your lust landscape probably has 50 things in it. My lust landscape probably has 50 bazillion things in it. I am confident we can find overlap, and build an amazing playground together.

Smart: A former data analyst / IT manager with a tendency to date programmers and engineers, what geek/gamer cred I don't have on my own, I have probably at least overheard. I'm happy to share my SAT scores, my IQ percentile, and where I went to college - you won't be disappointed!

Creative: I was a theater major and a creative writing minor (and went on to be paid to act a few times, and was given a miniscule amount for my erotic fiction to be published in print... but braggin' rights is braggin' rights, right?).

The important point is that I can keep the fresh ideas coming, and if you enjoy a good role play, I can fully join you in your fantasy.

Real: I really love having sex - I'm openly non-monogamous in my personal life.

I really love having phone sex – the discovery and exploration have been deeply enriching for me.

I really love getting to know a new lover - discovering how to make your breath catch from lust turns me on more than I can express.
I look forward to playing with you!
~ Galiana

P.S. I do have a few limits, but I don't want unsexy things on my listing, so write me if you have questions.

P.P.S. Those who take the time to read my blog or leave me satisfied feedback are especially treasured.

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