Saturday, January 8, 2011

Submission In Yellow

With all the talk lately on this blog about me dominating and controlling and wiping minds, it might be easy to forget that I absolutely love being a submissive pain-slut now and then. I love the endorphins. I love the challenge of "Can I take one... more... minute...?" And I love the way my brain stops thinking, and all I can do is feel. Delicious.

During my 40th birthday photo shoot, I planned submissive and dominant photos for each outfit. For my sweet pastel yellow lingerie submissive portion, I chose a pastel purple blindfold, pink panties as a gag, a cute rhinestone collar, bright neon chip clips for my nipples and labia (yyyyeouch), and a tiny bubble-gum pink vibrator with a clit stimulator.

The concept was: the cheeriest, brightest, cutest painslut pictures possible. I'm obviously way too easily amused.

Blogspot won't let me show nipples or labia, so here's the safe stuff:

But the pictures for sale include my full body, including close-ups of the clamps and vibrator on my pussy.

The time stamps on the pictures indicate that I was clamped for less than ten minutes, but my face when I removed them indicates that was plenty of time, thank you very much:
Don't worry, the pain subsided... see?
Oh, wait, maybe that's delirium kicking in... It's hard to tell.

The full set of 34 pictures is available via NiteFlirt for $10. Delivery is via a web page which has a little caption for each picture, and also via a zip file with higher-resolution pictures but no captions.

And of course, you can find all pay-to-view packages for sale on My Flirt Store. Hey, wow, look, I'm up to 25 things for sale now! Good for me!

Now I just need to get my butt in gear to also put together the submissive pics from the purple & red outfits...

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