Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Splitting Personalities: Hypno & Mistress Galiana

I've split, like an amoeba, from one person into three! Nifty trick, eh? Except this split, sadly, does not involve there being more copies of me physically. Probably for the best.

I now have three names on NiteFlirt:
The decision to split was complicated. I think it'll be easiest to explain if I format the rest of this post as question / answer...

Does anything change now for your current callers? 
Nope. Not a thing. This change is to attempt to attract more new callers. Current callers should continue on exactly as you are.
What are advantages to splitting up into three names?
More Chances to Find Me: The top advantage to having three names is that I will be easier to find for people searching for more specialized listings. For example, someone searching the Women Home Alone --> Sex category may not be drawn to "Curvy, fun, creative, and a little geeky" or "Intense sexual pleasure via hypnosis", but "Sensual sex with Me in control!" might be right up their alley. All three are reasonable for that category, but if I only have one name, I only get one listing there. 
Easier to Experiment: It feels safer to experiment with new text, new pictures, new rates, or new pay-to-views on newer listings. Also, I can experiment with advertising by targeting unpopular listings, and assume how they found me.
More Specific Targeting: More listings means I can target different audiences within a category, so in Spanking I can have one "Smack my big round ass" and one "You've been bad - get over my knee!" to appeal to both sides of the fetish. 
Targeted Pay-To-Views: Even though I have a link to all my items for sale on My Flirt Store, the ones which sell best are the ones listed on the page. Since I can't fit all my offerings on my listings, I have to choose just a few. More listings means I can put the pictures of me bound and gagged in my submissive listings, but the pictures of me wielding a strap-on or floggers on my dominant listings.
More Appeal To Newbie-Lovers: Some callers seem to specifically target listings with low scores. On the up side, I'll catch more of those folks who relish diversity and want to call each new provider once. On the down side, some of those callers are abusive jerks who try to take advantage of new PSOs. Thankfully, I read forums and regularly talk with other providers, so I feel confident I can weather a jerk-storm if it arrives. 
Wisdom from Experience: The experienced phone sex operators I trust most say that having more listings is the single best way to increase overall revenue over time. Okay then.
    What are disadvantages to splitting up into three names? 
    Harder Maintenance: With 11 listings for Smart Fun plus 14 listings each for Hypno & Mistress, I now have 39 listings to maintain. So, for example, if I want to change the graphic for Tips & Amazon Wish List from a holiday-themed graphic to a non-holiday-themed graphic, I have to do it 39 times without (a) crawling out of my skin from boredom or (b) screwing anything up or (c) losing my place because a call comes in and I don't know where I was... There's a very real danger of mucking something up and never noticing. There's also a very real danger of me getting lazy and never updating my listings.
    Listings Falling: I cannot physically be on the phone enough to keep 39 listings on the front pages of their respective categories. Each call that comes in on a less popular listing is time I am not available for calls on more popular listings, which will almost inevitably lead to my top listing having a lower position, which will make it harder for people to find me. Hopefully, the ultimate result will be more calls overall, but it's a risk -- I definitely got more calls when I was in the top 20 overall, but almost all my calls came in on one listing. 
    Will you send Hypno / Mistress callers to this blog?
    I'm not sure yet. I'll probably experiment with it. The danger is that people who are attracted to a hypno / Domme specialist listing may be turned off by the diversity represented on the blog. And people who don't like something tend to go away without telling you why, so I'd probably never know (yes, I know that could be happening now too...).
    The advantage is that callers who like my blog see it as a positive differentiator, and tend to become long-term repeat callers. So I dunno.
    Would you make a hypno-specific or mistress-specific blog?
    That is theoretically possible, but there are about a thousand things ahead of that in priority. Selfishly, I really like having my thoughts and experiences in one place. It would be hard for me emotionally to split the blog without good evidence that it would help me. 
    Why do your Hypno / Mistress names have higher rates?
    My current Hypno and Mistress listings have higher rates, too, for two reasons:
    (1) the market will bear them - if you browse through hypnotism and domination listings, the rates tend to be higher, and
    (2) the calls are more demanding on me - I find it simpler to have phone sex than to dominate or hypnotize someone. I raised those rates after I realized that I am FAR more likely to need to log out to rest after a hypno or Domme call than I am after a phone sex call of the same length. So the change in rate reflects the refractory period.
    Will you raise your rates on Smart Fun Galiana if your more expensive listings get popular?
    Possibly, but the traffic would have to be compelling over some time. The last time I tried to raise my rates on existing listings, I tried to move too fast and make it too complicated, and mucked everything up in the worst way, confusing callers and hurting my income. I have no desire to do that again.
    I am usually meeting my financial goals now at my current rates, and I do not want to jeopardize that, since we are dependent on my phone sex income to pay our bills. So it's not a great time to experiment too radically. If we won the lottery, I might raise all my rates, but since we don't play, it seems unlikely.
    If it becomes obvious to me that I am regularly missing opportunities for higher-rate calls over a sustained pattern, I'll probably adjust slowly over time.
    If you send higher-rate listings to your blog, won't they see your lower-rate listings? 
    Yep. At this point, I'm okay with that. 
     What will you do if someone calls a lower-rate line asking for domination or hypnotism? 
    So far, I have chosen not to redirect people. If I get more comfortable risking losing someone over a rate difference, I might choose differently in the future.
    The funny thing is, one of my first calls on the Mistress line at the higher rate was someone wanting to dominate me... ha! So my guess is that I will have a mixture of calls across my rates, and I will feel like it is working out in the long run without requiring a lot of unpleasant confrontation.
    How long do you expect it to take Hypno & Mistress to start getting busy?
    I would love to instantaneously shift everyone to the "right" listing and the "right" rate just for the sake of mental tidiness, but people don't work like that. Not everyone reads their emails, and not everyone follows boring detailed instructions from their entertainment providers. So I will have to be okay with a bit of messiness.
    I have heard it often takes 6-9 months of regular availability for a new name to become popular. I would be thrilled with anything faster than six months. This is a long-term investment, not a short-term quick-fix for any specific problem.
    Are you going to delete your Smart Fun Galiana hypno and mistress listings? 
    Not yet, because there are regular callers who know those extensions. I may re-purpose those listings at some point in the future, but not any time soon. Besides, at the moment, my hypno listing is my most popular, so I'd be dumb to delete it!
    Are you afraid that the work of maintaining 39 listings will cause you to blog less often? 
    I am a little nervous about that. But I'm trying to take the approach of doing a few things every day, and keeping track of where I am in the process so I can pick up the next day and continue. And I'm trying not to get frustrated by being constantly behind where I want to be.
    For example, right now, I would love if each listing had its own specialized subject line / header, a specialized top picture, and a specialized set of pay-to-view offerings. They don't yet. I need to build those over time. And I need to be patient with myself for not having them done yet because I've been busy taking calls! A good problem to have! 
    However, as I'm sure you can tell, I love doing this blog. I love what I've learned about myself from writing it. I love the positive feedback loop it causes with callers. I love when people who are thinking about becoming phone sex operators find it, and think it's helpful.
    And given the fact that I currently have 28 listings which need the holiday graphic removed, and instead of doing that I'm blogging... hmmm... No, actually, I guess I'm not worried about that!
     Other questions I missed? Ask away!

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