Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Feedback Page

I have published a new page with some of my favorite feedback comments:

So far it has very few comments. I kept getting interrupted last night / early this morning by having awesome calls (nice problem to have!), so I didn't get far. But I wanted to go ahead and publish it so I could knock something off my to-do list, because I have too many to-do items rattling around in my brain again.

My "plan" is to add comments sporadically, whenever I need the insecurity-eliminating boost of confidence I get by sorting through nice things people have said about me. How often do I need that kind of encouragement? Would it be bad to admit: almost every day?

I've added little comments about the feedback. Because I can't help myself. Seriously, I would get so many more packages of pictures published for sale if I didn't want to add little running commentaries. But hey, words are my thing, right?

Anyway, aside from my peccadilloes...

Please let me know if you want a specific feedback of yours included, or if you do not want your feedback ever to show up on that page, or if you want me to attribute to your username on the page (by default I'm only specifying the date and the listing).

This feels like one of those bizarre activities that is intelligent marketing mixed with extraordinary narcissism. Am I doing this for callers? Or for me? Am I trying to encourage callers to leave me articulate and specific feedback because it's good for business, or my ego? Such an odd job.

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