Friday, January 7, 2011

Cucks and Robots and Hypnosluts, Oh My!

This crazy unpredictable job... What a week! Since last weekend:

First I had new inquiries and a new caller after David (of Twitter's @hotwives) tweeted about me. They were, as one might expect, mostly interested in cuckold fantasies, so I've been getting my fill (pun intended) of raw, rough sex with generously hung studs of every race. Delicious!

Then I had two fantastic long ASFR role-play (robot girl) calls with a techno-sexual, who generously added my name and picture and info to the FembotWiki phone sex page! How fun is that? Answer: way more fun than you might think. I spent most of Tuesday night browsing around the wiki, and Fembot Central, thoroughly enjoying the crash course in techno-sexual lingo. I need to take a better fembot picture for people who find me there...

Then two submissives have found me (one via Twitter and one via NiteFlirt), wanting to be put into a hypnoslave cycle of devotion, stimulation, and orgasm denial. I'll admit, even though I felt like a sexually powerful woman before I started doing erotic hypnotherapy, it's been quite a power trip to bring someone to the point of begging desperately to be allowed to climax, and then draining the erotic energy out of them just as easily as I built it up.

So I took a break tonight to have dinner out of the house with my husband, and realized my head was a little swirly from having such completely different energies - it's not unusual for things to happen in themes, but it is unusual to have three themes at once! So I did some centering / meditating / praying to clear out my psyche, napped for an hour, and woke up all clear, refreshed, and ready to rumble. Bring on the mind-controlling cuckolding androids!


  1. Don't even act like you don't love it. ;)


  2. David! Hi! Ohhhhh no, I didn't mean to imply that at all!

    Let's see... how do I feel about being fucked by one man while another one watches? Hey! Look at that! I LOVE IT WITH MY WHOLE BODY! :)