Thursday, January 13, 2011

Openly Manipulative

The Blog Post Titled "Openly Manipulative", In Which Galiana Reveals Marketing Secrets In A Blatant Attempt To Entice Readers To Call

(Don't you miss journalism headlines from the late 1800s? I know I do.)

Obviously I've got a bit of the silly in me today. And perhaps a touch of the lazy as well. I should be writing follow-up notes. I'm not.

I enjoy some things about the process: picking which pictures to include is fun, changing the main body text to say the same-ish thing in a new-ish way is an interesting writing challenge, and remembering recent delicious calls and having a chance to express thanks in a personal way feels fantastic.

But it's repetitive. There's copy-and-paste for the skeleton, which includes the link to the picture(s). After I get through about ten of them, the part of me that hates all types of repetitive maintenance tasks starts to try to hijack the bus (that same part of me also hates cleaning, shaving, and pulling weeds).

So to appease her, Little Miss Inner Oh I'm So Bored, I'm letting her do something creative and fun: share a few pictures that I've sent along with my follow-up notes, with little explanations of what I like about them.

FYI #1: since mid-November-ish, I've been including a picture with my follow-up notes that do not require downloading - they are just included in the mail itself. Much better. So even on a mobile device, you can see the picture. All it took was figuring out hosting for my pictures that allows adult material (thank you to the ever-luscious and ever-helpful-mentor-of-mine Buttery Bellina for the reference).

FYI #2: I cannot promise to send you naughty pictures of me if you leave me official feedback, because that would compromise the integrity of the feedback system, and that would be bad. However, I can say that in the past, I have sometimes sent pictures of myself to people who have left me official feedback as a way of saying thank-you after the fact, and sometimes those pictures have included more nakedness than the pics I have here. I can also say that I am especially motivated to say thank you in a material way when the feedback is articulate and specific -- the kind that would appeal most to intelligent, creative callers.  

FYI #3: This blog post was aptly named so far.

FYI #4: As a marketing tool, it has worked pretty well - for every 50-ish pictures I send out, I get a call that day saying "Yes Please Do Want!!" and the calls feel related to the pics. Plus, several people have said it's a lovely differentiator that I send out follow-ups at all. I try to use those comments not to feel guilty when it takes me longer than a week.

Click the pictures for bigger versions of them.

This might be the perfect picture of me, of how I feel as a phone sex operator. Playful, luxurious, happy, dolled up with amazing lingerie, great shoes, and decadent accessories (the wrist band was my grandmother's costume jewelry - considering her older sister was a flapper in the 20s, she might not be all that upset with me doing this). This looks smart, fun, and "Galiana"-ish... a bit gypsy, and maybe a little exotic. What more could I want from a photo? (boob lovers, I hear you, don't worry, scroll down)

I would use this as the main picture of most of my listings if the thong were a little easier to see (it's up around my waist) - it is technically compliant with "don't show ass crack without showing thong" but it's not worth the risk of being off-line for two days while I argue the point with the team who polices for nudity.

See? Boobs! I love the relaxed grin, and the pale lingerie against my pale skin. And although the top was tight, so my breasts don't look their largest, they are still obviously more than a handful. I'd like to think that if you came home to that, you'd ravage it.

Ahh, the woman of mystery. Is she submitting to you with that lust in her eye, looking forward to being used? Or is she about to command you to lick her vinyl boots and work your way up to worship her pussy with your tongue? The only thing clear is that she wants you to join her.

This was taken during my 40th birthday shoot, and I had been lazily playing with my pussy moments before, so it was definitely lust-haze, but I like that it's so undefined.

The pin-up girl and her shoes... one of the best pics I have of my feet, oddly enough. This was about 3 minutes after I'd given myself an orgasm with the Hitachi wand, which I did to relax for the rest of the shoot. It worked!

And now, we close with the reminder that you, yes you, can be the first to see pictures like these by calling me every week... And maybe even naughtier if you leave feedback!

Ok, Inner Exhibitionist... can we go back to follow-ups now? Please? 

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