Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Robot Girl

A new caller had a new role play for me yesterday: sex android robot girl. He asked if I'd done the fantasy before, and I said "Absolutely!" even though I've only done it off-phone, and only for limited amounts of time before the scene broke apart into non-robot-like fucking.

The caller was very specific with me about what he wanted: mindless, robotic monotone, obviously not a human, configured for sexual pleasure. I think my favorite detail was that my vaginal lubrication was available to be configured in different flavors! How awesome would that be!

I had such a great time setting up with him, as the Super Sex Android Galiana: configuring my settings to make my hips sway more when I walked, downloading naughty programs, putting makeup on my removable face plate, and dressing in pretty things. The other robot in the lab was programmed to act more like a human woman, but man, did she ever have a thing for android girls! Her evaluation of whether or not to purchase me might have included some exploration of the sex programming...

I loved it. Such fun!

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