Monday, January 24, 2011

Role Play / Fembot Voice Sample

I have a new voice sample, and a new listing, both springing from my recent interactions with the ASFR ( community, which, after I write this post, I will try to stop writing about for a while in case people get the wrong idea and think it's all I do anymore...

First, the voice sample. I love it. A lot. It was super fun to write (all five drafts of it...), super fun to record (all twelve takes if you include the earlier versions of the script), and super fun to imagine the response of the gang over at Fembot Central when they listen to it (although I just realized that I never said "does not compute" and maybe I didn't have enough stutter enough during the malfunction sequence... but seriously, I have to just stop compulsively re-recording).

It shows off not only my android and monotone voices, but also has brief voice samples for "Ditzy Nymphomaniac", "Mature Seductress" (who inexplicably needed a Deep South accent), "Undercover Espionage", and "Smart Fun Girlfriend" (who references my favorite Star Trek episode, "The Perfect Mate", which is the episode with the empathic metamorph, which was fairly freaking clever of me, if I do say so myself).

The voice sample is here, all 3 minutes 50 seconds of it:

Things like this always take longer than anticipated to complete, not only because of my perfectionistic tendencies, but also because the right thing to do with a voice sample like this is: get feedback from trusted critics, create a Role Playing listing from it, record the voice greeting for the new listing, post a link for the technosexual community, write a blog post about it...

But in what order do I do those activities? And should I include the script of the voice sample anywhere? And should I have a longer voice sample like this for all my listings? And... oh, ummmm, hi there, inevitable self-doubt and expansion of my to-do list. I was hoping maybe you'd forgotten about me...

Eventually I recovered from my post-recording analysis paralysis and created a Role Playing listing, which can be found here: It is mostly the same as my main Sex listing, except with a different voice sample paragraph. Some day, I will customize it further, but it will have to suffice for now, or else I'll fall down the rabbit hole of re-doing all my listings and nobody will hear from me for a week.

One trusted advisor suggested that perhaps I was giving away too much with such a long voice sample. I thought about it long and hard before I decided to go all-out like this, because there is an extraordinarily high probability that a few Fembot fans will listen to it on repeat, have a great time, and never call me. I have decided that is perfectly acceptable - I think my interactions with the community as a whole over time will more than compensate me. I just hope I get a thank you note! /grin

In theory, I should put up a listing dedicated to the robot fetish, but I think the right place for such a listing is "Role Playing", and if I have a Role Playing listing, I think it should highlight broader offerings than just technosexual. Also, even with superb marketing, the phones would never be busy all week long with just gynoid phone sex calls, and I think the community understands that.

So yay me for being productive this weekend off the phones, even though the phones were pleasantly busy!

And, to be completely narcissistic and self-amusing... I will give 3 free minutes to the first person to figure out the meaning of my model number! (Wow, that is spectacularly self-serving, isn't it? I couldn't stop grinning when I thought of it...)


  1. This is win on so many levels, I don't know how to thank you enough! You're obviously very talented at what you and very generous to share it with us.

  2. Thank you so much, Anon! I'm glad it was win on many levels (and if you want to specify what a few levels are, I'd be happy to hear...). I'm so glad you liked it!

  3. Cool idea, well executed -- but it's Holodeck 4, not 3:

    Any Trekkie worth their salt would be ashamed to get that wrong!

  4. Chisa,
    Dammit!!! I've been saying that wrong for years! I've never actually seen the episode again since it aired, so all my references to it are from my faulty memory banks.

    As for being a Trekkie worth my salt, I have to admit, this is about my normal performance, to garble a memory... I can live with myself in my ignominy, but just barely.

    Thank you for dropping by the blog!!

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  6. Sorry, I hit the submit button before I was done typing. Which shows you just how much authority I have on pointing out other people's flubs.

    Anyway, it's cool, I'm just giving you a hard time. If that's the only flaw in your performance, you're doing quite well indeed. Though an updated fembot would possibly go for the more recent "I'll be in my bunk" Jayne quote from Firefly.

  7. Chisa, Good to know there's a shred of humanity in there :) I thought the Jayne quote was an homage to Riker when I saw it.

    Plus, if I were going for a romantic Firefly episode to watch, I'd have to go with "Our Mrs. Reynolds" over "War Stories" because JEEZ do I ever have a thing for Christina Hendricks. Whew.

    I'm gonna leave it in to see if anybody else notices :)