Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Galiana! What are you wearing?

I've been neglecting my blog, I'm sorry. Two days this week with zero posts? Reprehensible! Commence the spankings!

(Now I have the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in my head, where all those nuns needed spanking. Perhaps I could stay a bit longer... Far too much temptation!)

In my defense, the past few days have been been pleasantly busy on the phones, with a good steady pattern of call - rest - call - rest. The downside to that pattern is that I don't tend to finish tasks which take longer than an hour to complete.

So to apologize to you, a few casual pictures!

I get the question, "What are you wearing?" a lot, and the answer is often the same: a tank-top / camisole thing top with a built-in bra. In case you can't picture that, it looks like this, in a self-portrait taken about 2 minutes ago...

I have about fifteen shirts like this in various colors, and I love them - enough support to feel supported, enough coverage to where I don't have to worry if the blinds are up, but just one thing to put on instead of two. Lazy, comfy, a little sexy: perfect for me.

Plus, when I go out in public, I can just toss on a jacket or sweater it, and then I get gratifying boob-stare double-takes. Like in these pictures from a dinner date with the hub over the weekend:

These pics are pretty much the epitome of Life With Galiana - casual, comfy, happy, full of good ideas (take a "what are you wearing" picture for the blog!) but with a few issues on execution (blurry, with the trash can in the background... /sigh). Enthusiasm trumps technique, right? Right? (please just say yes...)

I love that my hair is finally getting long again, but I need to get it cut to add in shorter layers, so it looks more like this, from a web cam picture taken in 2002 on what was probably the best hair day of my life: 
No perm, no rollers, I just let it air-dry and kept scrunching it on a particularly humid day. If I had more self-discipline, it could theoretically always look like that... maybe if I start doing cam work, I'll find the motivation.

So, am I forgiven?


  1. I hope your hubs doesn't mind a good say-so, but you are one seriously cute woman.


  2. Spot, darling, thank you for the caveat (and welcome to my blog! and thanks for commenting!), but no, he doesn't mind at all. In fact, it kinda makes him feel like a badass that his wife is a successful phone sex operator overwhelming random strangers with the powers of my cuteness :)

    I can't believe I just typed that. I used to be modest. Honestly, I did...