Thursday, January 6, 2011

Small Small World

It's a small world after all.

I have several callers with porn tumblr feeds (aka "spank banks") of images they find stimulating. Sometimes on calls, they'll direct me to their feed and we'll talk about their images and stories.

One such feed I love keeping up with is (NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in a big way) - I share his taste in a variety of women, and I love his comments on what he finds alluring about the images he chooses. (note to self: must buy super-long argyle socks...)

One night a couple of months ago, we discussed this image, from hotwivesonline's feed: (equally NSFW), and we both loved it.

In December, I started an amazingly fun role play with "David", who started with an email saying he wanted to call to talk about his wife, "Allie", a friend of mine, and what happened at that party last month...? Because she's been acting oddly since then... And when David called, sure enough, we both stayed perfectly in character and I broke the news to him that ohmygodsosorry, but... yeah, Allie was with two big strong hung black guys that night.

David and I emailed again and had another call, all completely within character. I talked with theater friends of mine about how cleverly David had set up the scenario to enable me to run with it, and how incredibly fun it was to have a client with such a fantastic fourth wall.

And then David broke character by leaving me feedback that made me absolutely glow with pleasure, "Galiana is awesome to play with, and totally understands the most important rule of roleplay and improv: Don't deny the other person's reality. Recommended! Yay!"

Ohhhhh so he's a theater person! Awesome! Plus, he broke the fourth wall with me, so I felt comfortable sending him a follow-up note thanking him for the feedback, but addressed it to "David (totally not the wife of my friend Allie)" and signed it from "Galiana (totally not your wife's friend - totally a different Galiana than that)".

It started a very fun exchange, including him sharing his tumblr feed with me. And. Holy crap... (drumroll) it was hotwivesonline!! The same David, the same Allie from the cartoon! My head was spinning from the bizarre coincidence -- mybuddydharma has never mentioned me on his tumblr (although he swears he's going to post a pic someday), so it was purely just coincidence.

How. Fun. Is. That?!? Answer: super-mega-awesome fun indeed!


  1. mybuddydharma... just spent an hour or so going through all of it! love it!

    <3 Babybeast16

  2. Awww babybeast, dharma is going to be happy happy happy to know that he turned on a smart girl!! It'll make his night!!