Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Formspring: Fembot Question!

I got my first Formspring question! Yay! Someone reads my blog and wants my Inner AttentionSlut to be happy! Thank you!

For your edification, here is the first question (and my answer). I'm so happy!
As a (very shy) reader of your blog and android enthusiast, I'd like to hear your take on robot fetishes. It seems new to you, but what's your angle? How do you play the horny fembot?
Hi Shy Reader! Thanks for coming out & asking my first Formspring question!

My android role plays are much like any other role play I do, in that they are driven by my partner's lust.

The one fembot caller so far has leaned towards having an emotionless, plastic-and-metal stiff-motion sexbot with removable access panels, who follows explicit commands and tends to play with other female androids who are in human mode (don't know they're androids).

But I could see a ton of ways to adjust: I could not know I was an android, my partner could not know, I could malfunction, I could be reprogrammed from more mundane uses to be a sexbot, my voice could more/less monotone/expressionless... the possibilities are endless!

So before I jumped into a new ASFR role play with someone, I'd need to uncover their preferences.

Well, except one thing isn't negotiable: I do like hearing that I'm the perfect woman!!

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