Friday, February 11, 2011

Cartoon Pinup Galiana!

Remember my friend David from the blog post titled "Small Small World" (aka hotwivesonline), and the cartoon that mybuddydharma and I both loved so much from his feed?

Well, he was kind enough to send pictures of me to his amazingly talented cartoonist friend (who wishes to remain anonymous), and look what he sent back!!

I love everything about it - the hair, the glasses, the faintest of grins, the fantastic chunky necklace, the pretty lingerie, how gorgeous my breasts look, the curve of my hips, my painted nails, my delicate shoes, the angle of my feet that seem just a tiny bit coy, the elegant chair, the perfect background gradation... I love every single bit of it.

I'm completely floored, and completely flattered. Thank you!!


  1. Best phone sex EVAR. We'll do it again soon love :D