Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feedback Nightmare & Epilogue

Feedback Nightmare
a play in One Act, plus Epilogue
by Galiana Chance
closely based on a very true story


GALIANA, 40, pleasantly pudgy with casual sexual confidence, lays asleep on her half of her comfortable queen-sized bed. Her HUSBAND, just shy of his 41st birthday, attempts to slip into bed beside her, unnoticed.

Galiana (sleepily, reaching for him):
I had a nightmare...
Husband (unsure if she's talking in her sleep): 
What happened? 
Someone left me feedback. Bad feedback. It was one-star. He said I wasn't committed because I wasn't available. He didn't know we're packing, we're moving...
Husband (resting his hand on her cheek): 
Fuck your dream makers, honey. Fuck them in half. We're okay.
Galiana (grinning as she drifts back to sleep):

Commentary: I usually have stress dreams during stressful times. We're packing and moving right now. It's stressful. The stress dream was not a surprise. However, its manifestation as stress about my feedback was a surprise, although maybe it shouldn't have been.


A few hours later. HUSBAND lays asleep on the bed as GALIANA attempts to slip in beside him, unnoticed.

Husband (nowhere near fully awake): 
Are you okay?
I'm fine. I just went potty and got some Aleve.
Why did you need leaves?
Aleve. I didn't want my back to get sore. The blue pain pill, Aleve.
Husband (with a sleepy grin): 
Are you having salad?
Galiana (patting him condescendingly): 
Yes. That's exactly right. Leaves for a salad.
Husband (snuggling up to her): 
Why are you talking so much? You should be quiet now.
Galiana (grinning):
Mmmhmmm. Sorry, love.
You're horrible at being quiet. I give you one star. Too loud. Too many salads.

Galiana stifles a giggle, only somewhat successfully, remembering the first night they spent together, which was about three hours of delicious fucking followed by an hour of giggling too hard to sleep, mostly fueled by the will-never-be-as-funny-to-anyone-else punchline, "Did you try to teach that sumbitch octopus to ride a bicycle?"

Galiana drifts back to sleep, oddly comforted.

The nightmares do not return.


  1. This was so cute. I know you're like, "Who is this salacious chick?!" I saw you on NF when I was setting up a while back and checked out your blog. You're a great writer; I'm your silent stalker *maniacal laughter*.

    Good luck with your move & don't stress the clients... they know PSOs are people, too! (Ok, well, most of them know...)

  2. Salacia, if the worst of your stalking is leaving me nice blog comments, I'm good :) And yes, most of my clients are surviving just fine. glad you dropped by my corner of the world!