Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Last Night

Testing the awesome new cam last night, I changed into my amazing new retro/elegant lingerie from Secrets In Lace, including a robe with ostrich feather trim that I wrote about here.

I can't share the video because after I adjusted the angle, you could see blankets on the floor and other distracting stuff in the margins... and it took me WAY too long to get the garters done, and when I did them, I my fingers weren't facing the camera anyway... and the pillows seriously need replacing...

I have a problem with perfectionism. /cringe

Thankfully, I don't have a problem enjoying myself in the moment.

Proof of that statement: a screen capture from the unusable video:
That's the new robe. The new shoes. The new setup. The new cam. And in that one moment, I think it happened to all be working quite nicely, thank you. 


  1. Im absolutely loving those shoes Galiana!

    <3 you dear :)


  2. Aren't they the fabulous-ist-ness? Yes, they totally are :) <3 right back at you, babybeast my darling!