Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feet Pics x4

I'm pleased as punch with myself to be able to announce, for the delight and pleasure of the foot fetish / heel fetish / boot fetish crowd: I have four new picture packages up for sale, focused on my feet!

Most of the pictures taken during my 40th birthday celebration shoot last September were not focused on my feet, but the original photos were high enough resolution to allow me to offer some excellent pictures just by cropping. Plus, of course, the foot-focused ones we did take are included.

All pictures are at least 1024 pixels tall or wide, and many are larger. The sample / preview pictures below are much lower resolution than the pictures for sale. Each set is $10.

First, Feet In Heels: 54 pictures of my feet in heels (creamy satin off-white heels, and grey heels with fabric embellishment, nail color OPI "Red"). A couple of preview pictures:

Don't my feet look all pretty and elegant? I wish they looked that way all the time... /sigh  To purchase Feet In Heels, click here:

Next up, Bare Feet: 31 pictures of my bare size 8.5 feet (nail color OPI "Red"). Pictures include naked ass in some shots. A couple of preview pictures:

I'm told I have lovely feet, but they seem so... normal to me. They are size 8.5, which is the most common size, with arches that are defined but not terribly high, toes that are long but not freakishly so. Perhaps it is the lack of distinguishing characteristics that make them lovely? To purchase Bare Feet, click here:

Then we have Feet In Bondage: 23 pictures of my feet (nail color OPI "Red"), in grey heels with fabric embellishment, bound by a white scarf. Pictures include bound hands and ass in some shots. A couple of preview pictures:

It's a specialized picture set: feet + bondage. Who knows if it will be popular or not... it's a very specific combination... I made up the tie with the scarves. It felt amazing to be tied up and writhing around the floor with someone photographing me. These are not rational things I crave, I understand that. To purchase Feet In Bondage, click here:

And last but not least, Boots and Sybian: 48 pictures of my vinyl platform boots with fishnet hose, and some with one foot on the Sybian. Pictures include ass and pussy in a few shots. A couple of preview pictures:

I love these boots so much. They're surprisingly stable considering how ludicrously impractical they look. I bought them to fly to Europe to meet my first BDSM lover, and I always feel daring and adventuresome in them. To buy Boots and Sybian, click here:

Even though I've expanded the number of places I need to post new picture packages (the Gallery, NiteFlirt to create the package, MyFlirtStore, my Stuff to Buy blog page), having the gallery makes it so much simpler than it used to be. Now it feels much more like the hard part is choosing the pictures, instead of all the other administrative trivia surrounding the posting of a picture package. Yay progress.

And may your feet be happy, always.

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