Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cam Launch Sunday!

/gulp... I'm doing it! I'm going on cam! ZOIKES!

Please drop by my brand new cam listing, which will be going live today (Sunday Feb 13) after I get all pampered up... I'll be posting an "outfit of the day" picture right before I log on each day.

I'm super nervous that someone will be disappointed. I've only done cam sex as an amateur when lovers were out of town, and I never got complaints, but it is much different to be paid.

In fact, I'm this nervous:
In case you can't watch that video, let me describe it for you: wiggly, self-doubting, with one ridiculous squeal, me sitting on my hands to keep from fidgeting, the world premiere of an awesome fun red sparkly outfit, and perhaps the invention of the phrase "disco boobs". In just 59 seconds.

After I get my feet under me, I'm sure I'll do a different video sample where I seem more calm and confident, but this video is exactly how I feel today.

I would LOVE SO MUCH to get a call or two Sunday from friendly blog readers to help me get over the jitters, and also to give me honest constructive criticism.

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