Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving Right Along

You may have noticed that I've been sporadic with my logins in February. I'm finally ready to tell you why: there's a 90% chance that I'm moving to a different city. And if we move, there's a 70% chance it will be at the end of the month (30% chance it will be some time in March).

The circumstances and timing of the move aren't ideal. And moving is never fun. Thankfully, I've moved a lot in my life, and I'm pretty good at it. But this is the first time I've moved with vertigo, so it's a bit of a stress to wonder how much that will affect me.

The good news is, I'll be much closer to my awesome family (mom, sister, nieces) who I love spending time with, so I will be gaining a lot of support and fun. And the other good news is that the place we're (almost certainly) moving to is owned by my uncle, and he's giving us a hell of a deal on a great space. And we have friends and family already scheduling themselves to come by and help us pack. I'm seriously and thoroughly blessed.

Thankfully, my husband and I have the same perspective on this move: we want to greatly simplify how much stuff we have, partially for the feng shui, but more so that we can let the dogs roam freely unsupervised in the new place more often. Here, we have too many tempting chewable things out in the open which are serving no good purpose for anyone anymore. Moving is a great time to get rid of those kinds of things. So although it will take work to sell / give away a bunch of stuff, it should simplify our unpacking process greatly.

I've said time and time again on this blog that I won't log in for phone sex calls unless I'm in a sexy mood. It does my callers no good for me to be half-assed, and it does me no good to do the job if I'm not having fun. Since I will continue to only log in when my sexy tank is full, I will be continue to be unpredictable for the next 3 weeks. I'll update the calendar as well with my best guesses, but they're likely to be wrong a lot. 
I'll probably mostly be logged on for phone sex in the evenings. As always, I'm happy to take specific requests for log-on times, especially during the day, because it is 10 billion times easier to get sexy for one person who I already know to be sex than it is to get sexy for the generic anybody who may call.

Now you may be thinking, "Oh, gosh, I don't want to bother her - I'll just wait until she's settled in to her new place to call again." With all due respect, that's a horrible idea! Because when I have summoned my sexy, I can guaran-damn-tee that I'm in the mood for some hard-core escapism, fantasy, and luxurious sensuality. Don't deprive me!

Nothing clears my mind of worries better than dropping into someone else's sexual energy, whether it be a raw spank-me-pull-my-hair-toss-me-against-the-wall romp, a deep relaxing erotic hypnosis trance, a fantasy transportation to another space and time, me focusing on your service, or a slowly-building tease and release. All of those help me drop out of the cares and concerns of my daily life, and all of them give me energy in return. So by all means, when I'm on, call me.

If you happen to have the urge to offer to help me in other ways, the best gift is an Amazon gift card (sent to galiana @ ymail . com). I always want to get a hundred little things to furnish a new place. For example, I never take brooms or mops with me to a new location, because I don't want to bring old dirt into a new place. The only foods I'll move are spices. Inevitably, I need a new shelf somewhere. I'll probably ruin several blankets and sheets by wrapping things in them... the list goes on and on. You've moved, you know.

Now, if you've been following me closely, you may be asking, "Why did you choose to open a cam listing right before you moved?" It's a solid question, and I'm not sure I have a solid answer, but here's my best guess at the mysterious, nebulous meanderings of Why Galiana Does Strange Stuff:

Up until the day we decided to move, I needed to live as if we weren't moving. It's easy for me to get trapped in the future and forget about living today, and I work hard not to do that to myself. Call it "be here now" or "stop and smell the roses" or "do not borrow trouble from tomorrow, for today has enough troubles of its own"... I work hard to live the life I have today without being paralyzed by what might be tomorrow.

And more specifically/logistically, it was good for me to set up the Fuckatorium for cam, because it was a fantastic chance to figure out what I needed in terms of lighting and shelves and non-distracting, color-balancing, high-contrast-with-flesh-tones background colors. I will almost certainly makes some changes to the setup in the new Fuckatorium, but it was really great to have a version one that has worked so well. 

(Side note: someone found my blog recently by searching Google for "fuckatorium" - how awesome is that?)

On a purely emotional level, the performance anxiety of doing cam was significant for me until I did it for 2 nights. As I said to long-time friend "The Omnivore" during our Valentine's Day call, I can't photoshop on cam. I can't pick which moments to leave out. There's no filter. And I was nervous as hell about it. Thankfully, I had existing callers who were SO nice and SO affirming (thank you!), and a couple of new callers who went well, too.

So now I can let go of the anxiety about cam, and instead look forward to having something that be awesome and fun and new to focus on when I come back online full-steam. I mean, I'll still log on in the next few weeks, and probably be on cam a few times. It's easy for me to see myself wanting to clean up and get all girly and pretty after a day of sorting and hauling and scrounging. (Note to long-nail fetishists: I'm pretty sure I won't be your girl until late March, sorry)

Sometimes I have hunches about the next period of my life, and I had a hunch that this "winter" (Jan/Feb/Mar) would be a time of massive transition for me. Thankfully, the transition seems to only be about where I live. I'm just losing a house. I'm not losing my marriage, or any more of my health, and nobody I love is passing away (knock wood, of course). So all things considered, this is the easiest kind of massive transition: it's work, but it's not trauma. Whew!

So, to summarize: My log-ons will be flaky for the next 3-4 weeks. I look forward to being all moved and settled in to my new phase of life. And I look forward to you catching me when you can in the meantime!

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