Friday, February 4, 2011

Unexpected Day Off, and Drifting Later

Apparently I needed a day off, starting about 6 pm yesterday, because my energy just went ffffffft, and even the thought of talking with my favorite callers seemed confusing. When I find myself suddenly wondering, "How do I do this job?" then it's time for a break. Because I know how to do this job when I'm at full power.

The cold can be a little rough for me - temperature swings of more than about 30 degrees can make me a little dizzy, so going from warm house / cold car / warm restaurant / cold car / warm house is four little dizzy-making opportunities. I needed to leave the house yesterday, so I did, but I think it's what drained me.

Also, I literally took zero days off in the entire month of January, but I didn't feel ragged from that, because I was good about not logging in until I felt rested, and also good about logging out mid-day if I needed a break or a nap.

In fact, January was kind of a whirlwind of personal exploration and expansion; I wrote a ton, I enthusiastically delved into two new fetishes and dramatically expanded my audience with another, I expanded my listings and have started getting calls on the new ones, and I've mentally moved from "not yet ready to consider cam or videos" to "okay, let's get this cam / video bitch rolling and see what shakes out."

In the meantime, I'm finding my days drifting later - even though I often stay logged in until 2 am or later, I can't ever go to sleep for about an hour after I log off. I'm updating spreadsheets, re-sorting my tomorrow to-do list, and finding ways to release the potential energy I store when I'm waiting for calls. Yes, sometimes that is just exactly as naughty as it sounds.
So I'm changing my calendar again to reflect the fact that I almost never get daytime calls, even when I log in at 1 pm, so I'm no longer going to try to push myself to log on early. I'll try to log in around 2 pm - 3 pm Central most days, so I can stay alert through my lovely "I'm a sleep aid" calls late at night.

However, as always, feel free to write me if you want to catch up in the mornings, or earlier in the afternoons, and I will let you know if I can accommodate.

In the meantime, I'm using my time off to plot how to set up the Fuckatorium for cam... Or maybe I'll get a pedicure, because those Carlos shoes coming deserve painted toenails... Or maybe I'll....

I'll see you later tonight. Probably. Maybe not. Hard to tell. But if not, I'll see you tomorrow, all perky and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

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