Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Video World!

As soon as I got the camera running, I made a little "hello world" video so I could always remember how much I've learned along the way.

Sure enough, there were about a dozen things I'd love to fix: I forgot to say "hello world" first, the glare from the computer screen on my glasses, how I was positioned on the bed, I forgot to thank the person who bought me the camera (thank you slave!)...

But I can forgive myself because I'm soooooo excited! And because I'd rather have the honest first shot than muck with it.

And now... let's see how blogspot does with embedding video (wmv format, 28 seconds long):
So after I got the cam, I went shopping for some new beauty products for my face and hair, set up the room (the green thing behind the bed is new - I wrapped a 4'x8' piece of pegboard in batting and fabric - I wanted to use the bed more like a daybed, but I wanted a backdrop behind me that wasn't beige like the walls, so I wouldn't melt into the background), took a crazy long luxurious shower, did my "hello world" video, filmed a special "thank you" video for the slave who bought me the camera, and then got lost for a while in experimenting.


I'm not going to be ready to open a cam listing until I have more experience making videos, but we're on the right track, heading the right direction! Yay!

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