Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I Did On My Day "Off"

I took a 36-hour break from being logged in to NiteFlirt. In theory, it was my first day off in over a month. In reality, Thursday was a true night off, where I did nothing "productive" while I watched a Mythbusters episode and chatted with friends.

But on Friday, ... 

I registered (hosted by a company who is fine with adult content, and who offers WHOIS privacy - nice). The host hasn't enabled it, and there's nothing on it yet, but it's mine!

I took the first steps to research blogging, e-commerce, and content management packages for when my site is set up. Those are long-term projects, but it was interesting to look into, and much less intimidating to think about now that I've learned a few things. For example, if I had my own e-commerce package, I could potentially set up a pay-for-text-chat system, which is not offered through NiteFlirt.

I posted the "Gentle Fun" mp3 for sale and blogged about its release here.

I cleaned my computer of a particularly nasty virus, which was posing as anti-virus software. I also took the time while doing that to delete unused programs, change boot settings for crap I didn't need to launch every time I logged in, and do a comprehensive disk scan (virus & corruption/defrag). My little laptop purrs like a kitten now.

I drafted 4 awesome blog entries - a new series - which are ready to hit "publish" on rainy days when I have nothing else in mind. Keeping secrets is not my natural state... will I be able to withhold them? Ohhhhh the suspense...

I set up a Google AdWords account, which I will eventually use to advertise the blog. If it brings in readers who turn into callers (or Kindle blog subscribers), it would be worth a small daily investment. It will be relatively easy to track, since I usually ask new callers why they chose to talk with me, and people who come in from channels other than NiteFlirt (my blog / Twitter) tend to say so. 

I did the horrible, tedious, repugnant, soul-sucking, skin-crawling task of recording my voice greetings for phone callers for ALL 14 Mistress Galiana listings, ALL 14 Hypno Galiana listings, and my new Role Playing Smart Fun Galiana listing. (No me gusta la repeticiĆ³n. That's right. Mmmhmmm. I dislike repetition so much that I couldn't even say the word in English. Repetition, you totally just got served.)

... Thankfully, I used the last of my Godiva chocolates and some amusing texts from a friend to cheer me on while I expressed my desire to bash my head against the wall to motivate my way through it. I heard those voice prompts twenty... nine... times... (Did I mention that I'm not a big fan of repetitive tasks? If you say that I'm repeating myself, I will punch you in the shmoo. Don't think I won't.)

... But seriously, I'm very proud of myself to have knocked that out. It is not my favorite type of task, so it was hard for me to do, but it is in my best long-term interests to have it done. And it's not something I could do while being logged in, so it was perfect.

I figured out how to spend a few recent Amazon gift cards - I had been trying to use up all my random bath and body products before buying anything new, and I am finally at the exciting place to buy new stuff. I haven't figured out the complete shopping cart yet, but I'm looking forward to feeling pampered!

Measured stuff in the Fuckatorium to get it ready to reorganize. Again. Of course. This time, it's to set it up for camera / video... Or at least, "cam/video set up version 1", since I'm sure I'll change my mind a bazillion times. I didn't actually start moving stuff because my husband was also having a surge of energy to knock old items off his to-do list, and I had no desire to interrupt that, since some of those benefit me greatly as well. I'll have him help me when the camera actually arrives, and he's out of good ideas for himself.

I guess the rare snow day in Austin must be inherently domestically productive, because we were both on fire with getting stuff done. If you can't leave the house, you might as well shorten your to-do list, right? Right!

So now, naturally, my to-do list is... ummm.... wait... longer?!? What the hell, Chance...

Why is it that when I get stuff done, I always think of more to do?


  1. Because if there weren't more to do, it wouldn't be living

    --SAFL :)