Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

I am diverging my web presence between those which are NiteFlirt-compliant and those which are not as of... now.

The blog I've been linking to,, and my new Twitter account (@GalianaNF) will remain compliant with NiteFlirt rules, which means that I can link to it from my listings, and it will not link to any NiteFlirt competitors.

But everything else will not be NF-compliant, and may contain links to other places. So my new blog location,, which I am essentially launching right now (/partyhorn /streamers), and my original blog location,, will have more a complete "contacts and links" page than the compliant blog.

I spent the better part of two days scrubbing completely free of all links to my twitter, blogspot, facebook, fetlife, formspring, OKCupid, tumblr, ... basically, it is now only has links to itself and the @GalianaNF twitter account.

Everywhere else will have me posting links like the link whore I intend to become (for example, the previous paragraph... oh, and this paragraph too). Those will include my kinkbomb studio, clips4sale store, images4sale store, TalkSugar listing, and MyPhoneSite listing.

IMPORTANT FOR OTHER PSOs: If you link to my blog from a NF-compliant blog, PLEASE MAKE SURE you are linking to! The main reason that I left that one as NF-compliant is because everyone links to it already. When I launched it, I asked everyone to switch references. Even though I have not gotten one referral to the old blogspot address in over three months, this week, I still spent a few hours double-checked any PSO site who had ever linked to me that I could tell, and they were all good. So I feel good that everybody is already pointing to the right place.

Screwing over other PSOs? Do not want that kind of karma. /shudder So I have been very very very careful to scrub it all shiny clean and double-check with Play Fair.

For what it's worth, I'm happy to follow traffic leak rules, even though it means more work; every business has a right to protect itself. Also, if you're a customer, NiteFlirt is still the least expensive way to call me and buy my stuff, and will remain so for the foreseeable future -- out of loyalty, and because they have amazing traffic.

Welcome to my new path. It's linktastic, isn't it?

(P.S. Dear Inner Poetry Snob: I understand that the poem reference by my blog titled described choosing between two paths, not continuously traveling two paths at once, but it was the title that stuck in my head, so get over yourself. Love, Galiana)

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