Saturday, August 6, 2011

Video: Galiana-bot Remote Control

Another custom video of the Galiana fembot - this time, someone is learning to use the remote control on her!

This comes from the category of "Stuff I did a while ago, but haven't yet published/announced, which is causing paralysis when I think about doing more pictures or videos or recordings." Thankfully, the stack is getting shorter (3 recordings and 2 videos to go... aren't you curious?).

Here's the description and the gif (I'm still inordinately proud of my ability to finally do animated gifs):

Galiana is dressed in work attire and explaining how new she is to the whole "robot fetish" thing when the unseen person behind the camera picks up a remote control... turns out, she's a robot, and the remote control works! After booting, she describes herself and her functionality in great detail while moving robotically, mostly in place.

This is a custom clip with an upskirt shot and slight unbuttoning of my blouse, but no nudity.

The price is reduced per-minute because of continuity issues with my glasses, and my beverage was accidentally partially in frame for much of the video - lucky you!

running time: 23:18
resolution: large (1440 x 1080) and small (320x240) are both included
format: WMV (please contact me directly if you require a different format)

NiteFlirt: $20 both the large and small versions

clips4sale: $19.99 for the large version, $14.99 for the small version:

Kinkbomb: $20 for the large version, $15 for the small version:

So, honestly, the reason for the delay on releasing this video was the continuity issues: I didn't notice them until the next day. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if I would be happy with zooming effects, but it cut out so much of the detail of my movements that I felt like it was better to leave it as it was, glaring imperfections and all.

In one way, I'm proud of it: it's long, detailed, and I'm happy with the movements, and the emotionless voice is pretty darn consistent. I can focus on those good things and hit "publish"... right? Mmmmm...

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