Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Switches Get It...

Now that I have rewritten my Mistress / Dominant / Domme / Domina / FemDom / Toppy / insert your term of choice to indicate "the partner in charge of leading the activities" phone sex listings, and I am happy enough with them for the time being (to refresh your memory, they look like this:, it's time to start advertising.

As I researched options, I found myself posing this question to the owner of a very well-trafficked Domme site (
My "unique spin" - if you will - is that I am not a princess-ey bitch; instead, I am a nice, empathetic human being who genuinely enjoys focusing sexual attention on submissive males. I truly enjoy directing them to distraction. Do you think there is room in your network for such a niche?
As soon as I wrote it, I knew the answer: yes, of course there is. Because (1) everybody is somebody's fetish, and (2) most people crave variety, so there is room for a lot of approaches, and (3) surely someone is tired of sending their money to brats, and (4) if I read that from a dominant woman, I would immediately ask "Do your subs have to be male?" and volunteer to have her fuck me the hell up, so therefore, yes, it will be attractive to people who are enough like me to like the kinds of things I like.

So, after talking myself into it, I needed to come up with a banner (long overdue - I should have a bunch of banners at my disposal already... bad Galiana). I wanted simple but wordy, thought-provoking but clever. I googled "switches do it bumper sticker" and "switches do it t-shirt" and found a disappointing lack of cutesy little slogans for the BDSM switch community. Well, then, time to create my own.

So I pondered. Sure, it would be handy to convey that, as a bisexual switch, if A = people I might want to have sex with, then A = {the entire fucking planet}, but also, I believe that, as a switch, I can empathetically
understand the needs and desires of a submissive. Do I understand a submissive's needs more than if I were purely dominant? There is no empirical evidence that I know of, but I instinctively believe the answer to that question is: yes.

(Side note: I remembered set notation without looking it up. It's totally okay to swoon.)

(Side note to side note: the day my blog gets a hit from "set notation phone sex" I'm gonna die laughing)

I crafted and rejected a dozen versions before coming up with this:

The text reads:
smart fun galiana chance
personalized female domination
from an intelligent, playful, empathetic switch
switches get it... both ways
It may not be my slogan forever, but it's good enough to start.

Technical note: I purposefully avoided capitalizing anything, even my name, because I think the protocols of capitalization in the D/s community, while useful in many contexts and many relationships, imply a certain rigidity that I don't enforce, an adherence to tradition that I do not require.

Plus, it is a teeny bit fun to wonder if anyone will see my ad and start up some kind of a flame war with me about how I'm not "a real Domme" and I shouldn't be allowed there. All publicity is good publicity, right?

(Dear Inner Attention Slut: nobody spends as much time thinking about you as you do. Love, Galiana)

(Dear Galiana: Fuck Off. Love, Inner Attention Slut)

On a completely unrelated note, in my next photo shoot, I need to remember to take more pictures lying down, because I don't have nearly enough images that work well for banners. If this is the worst problem I have today, I'm doing well.

I'd love to know what you think!

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