Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back and Away Again

These past two weeks, I have finally felt like I was "back" (although I try not to strive to return to the past - I try always to strive for the new thing the future will bring, with the added bit of wisdom and experience I have gained since then... wow, that was sermonize-ish, wasn't it?).

Since apparently I am having an inner conflict about the use of the term "back", allow me to clarify: these past two weeks, I have felt like I finally have a routine with my food, sleep, dogs, husband, family, horse tranquilizers, online presence, and phone sex that has felt productive. It's been months since I felt like I had a groove this strong, and it felt great.

So then, to cap it off properly, I neglected to inform anyone that I'll be mostly offline this weekend for social reasons. /facepalm

But upon my triumphant re-return (Monday? Tuesday? who knows), I have a huge list of things to write about - I've had some fantastic new callers giving me delicious ideas, plus one last announcement of something I recorded a while ago before I start producing new audio / video / picture content (lord willin' and the creek don't rise).

However, as always, if you know ahead of time that there is a specific time you would like to talk, even this weekend, drop me an email, and I will accommodate it if I can - carving specific time for a specific person is MUCH simpler than logging on and being up for absolutely anything the universe of phone sex can toss my way. It's a wacky universe out there. Trust me.

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