Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hypno Revolution

I first opened erotic hypnotism listings last fall, but let them lie dormant for a while, because I didn't think they reflected me very accurately. Frankly, they were too bitchy.

So I rewrote them and started turning them on a couple of weeks ago now. If you're interested, check out the new look here:

Since re-opening, I've had a few awesome successes.

The most dramatic has been with a caller who called me a good deal last fall, but seemed a bit frustrated, as if he wanted me to take him further in some direction that neither of us could exactly put our finger on. Somehow, the combination of the last six months of experience, my relaxing horse tranquilizers, and my reading further on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques managed to hit the spot. Before, he kept encouraging me to be "more dominating" and this time around, he's encouraging me to "do exactly whatever it was you did last time." Yay!

I've had a few role play calls, not looking for real hypnosis, which used to confuse me, so I would attempt full-length inductions and they would hang up on me. Now I recognize the signs more clearly, so I'm able to jump in and do a fake-mini-induction and then fulfill requests like "can you find out what the trigger word is that my girlfriend is using to get me to want to suck cock so I can stop it?" Suuuuuure. Oh look, if I say that trigger word, you talk about how much you love sucking cock, and the more I say it, the more you want it. What a shock!

The success that sexually frustrated me the most was the gentleman with the steady, smooth voice, who told me he just wanted to be tranced, and given mind-fuck post-hypnotic triggers, but didn't feel the need to have an orgasm. After 30 minutes of brainwashing and planting parlor-trick mild amnesia triggers, I brought him out and checked. Not only did the triggers work, but he was delighted. And wanted to serve me. In fact, wanted to do anything I wanted him to do, if only I would put him under again...

Ohhhh reeeeeally. Like, for example, what if I wanted to bring you to the edge of orgasm multiple times but not let you climax? Astonishingly, he agreed, and his groaning and pleading cemented the fact that yes, I have, indeed, developed a begging fetish. Holy. Crap.

I was a good hypnotist, though, you should be proud of me. When we approached the amount of time originally agreed upon, before I brought him out that last time, I suggested that he would feel fully satisfied, and he did. But me? Satisfied? No way - I needed a big fat vibrator and fresh batteries. Fuck.

Then tonight, someone called me for only the second time (the first was an introduction conversation), after having bought my hypnosis mp3 (this one here) and listened to it a few times. It is simple simple simple, with triggers for pleasure, and sure, a bit of suggestion that the sound of my voice is awesome, but nothing I'd call heavy duty hypnotic programming.

The sound of a man whimpering is just. so. luscious. Thankfully, he wanted a mix of hypnosis plus phone sex, so I got to get off with him. I might have let my NLP out to play a bit during the teasing portion of the conversation, and maybe he said afterward that he had not been aware that he had been begging to taste me, for me to fuck him, to be allowed to come. But oh, dear, sweet, delicious goodness, he had.

So how is this a "hypno revolution"? Or have I forgotten my blog title?

Don't be silly, I haven't forgotten. The revolution is this: I feel more integrated as a hypnotist now. I see hypnosis as a tool to be used in a much broader variety of settings. I see hypnotic techniques sneaking into my topping sessions. I see domination feeling comfortable in my hypnosis. It's like peanut butter and chocolate, but in a thousand flavors instead of just one.

Okay, ummm, that last sentence? Mmmmmaybe I need a snack after the powerful, rippling orgasm I enjoyed with that last caller, the man who whimpered...


  1. Kyle Ryback9/22/11, 2:32 AM

    As someone with a healthy interest in erotic hypnosis, I've often found that hypnodommes tend to go in one of two directions: Either the hypnotist is vindictive and cruel, seeking only her own pleasure and/or victimizing the subject, or she's nurturing and kind, allowing the subject a measure of pleasure. Everybody has their preference, of course, so neither one is inherently better or worse. To put it simply, some guys like being dominated by bitchy and manipulative women, others like being overwhelmed by sensual and intimate women.

    I've never really thought about this dynamic from the perspective of the hypnodomme before, so this blog post had be thinking. Does the dominant one get more or less pleasure out of the exchange? Is it fair if the subject achieves their desired result but the domme is left unsatisfied? The selfless part of me feels a little bad that one of my favorite fantasies is actually a little selfish. Granted, it's all fantasy, but asking someone else to forsake their own pleasure for yours just feels like an unfair thing to do.

    Personally, my fantasy involves being hypnotically seduced, so theoretically there's potential for mutual pleasure once the induction is finished and things start to heat up. Of course, this is all just theory... :P

  2. Well, Kyle, aren't you the fun addition to my commenter community? Answer: YES!

    I think "fair" means "everyone got out of it what they agreed to at the beginning". As for feeling selfish, I wouldn't worry. If she's offering it, and you're honest about what you're asking for, she's getting something out of it, whether that be emotional or physical or sexual or financial or plain old-fashioned entertainment.

    You mean hypnotically seduced as in... you're a guy who would never cheat on his girlfriend, no matter how attracted you are to the pretty girl with mesmerizing eyes and the most fascinating little pendant around her neck...

  3. *melt*

    Yes, that would be...appealing...perhaps I should work up the nerve to actually call you. :P

    (On an unrelated note, I visit this website from my desktop computer and my laptop, but for some reason I seem to be seeing two different versions of the website. I just checked this post and found a whole different comment thread involving someone named Gaia. Very strange.)

  4. Kyle: You have an advantage here - I'm in the middle of moving, so by the time I come back on, you'll probably have strolled over to someone else to seduce you. I think it would be my loss :(