Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grand Slam Call

I was going to call it a "Home Run Call" because I identified at least four fetishes, but then I realized how many fetishes I was grouping together into a cuckolding fetish: cuckolding super-fetish = being cuckolded + big black cock + small penis humiliation + forced bisexuality + cream pie.

So then I asked myself: what number would make a Grand Slam Call? Sure, it puts four runs on the board, but there are 10 bases covered in a grand slam by the time all four runners make it home, right (4+3+2+1)?

So I set out to try to limit the fetishes on this call to only 10, if I separated them out properly. Turns out, it was easy.

We're married, and:
  1. I have taken a lover "against his will" (cuckolding),
  2. because he has a small dick (small penis humiliation),
  3. and my lover is a well-hung African-American (big black cock, a.k.a. BBC),
  4. and I "force" him to help get my lover hard by sucking him ("forced" bisexuality),
  5. and to clean up after my lover comes inside me by licking his cum out of me (cream pie),
  6. although not all of the cum was lapped up, because I get knocked up (impregnation),
  7. so for nine months, I let him worship my growing tummy (pregnancy),
  8. and my growing ass (ass worship),
  9. and suck on my breasts as they got ready (lactation),
  10. but I never once let him fuck me (tease and denial).
It's going, going, GONE! And that, ladies, and gentlemen, is a bona fide Grand Slam Call! History in the making!

It seems like it would have seemed like a crowded, rushed, scattered call, right? And yet, no, instead, it was kind of... ummm... wow, do I sound too insane if I say it was mostly just sweet?

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