Sunday, August 7, 2011

The #black Daily

I was on the front page of The #black Daily for a day! (click to see a larger image)

Black Daily
Here's how it happened: The lovely Rachelle (twitter @rachelle4phone; website; NiteFlirt listings: fell into one of those blog-reading black holes with my blog. C'mon, you've tooooootally been there and you know exactly what I mean, don't you?

So she tweeted this: #ff @GalianaChance Ahhh, i can't stop reading your blog !! lol #bbw #submissive #niteflirt #phonesex

I replied with a thank you, and savored fond memories of many a pleasantly-mind-numbing hour spent reading interesting blogs from start to finish before I got vertigo (now I can't take that much scrolling, although sometimes I still read new blogs until I start to feel ill just because it's too. interesting. cannot. stop).

And then a few minutes later, she tweeted this: #win #phonesex #niteflirt #dildo #black

That is a link to one of my favorite silly blog posts ever.

So there's a site ( which allows people to set up an online "newspaper" that pulls from Twitter, Facebook, and online RSS feeds like blogs, set up a content focus - for example: pull from Twitter with the hashtag #phonesex - and publish content daily related to that focus.

(Public service announcement: if you haven't set up an RSS feed reader like yet, you're missing out on the easiest way to keep up with your favorite blogs)

The benefit to having such a paper is primarily SEO (search engine optimization). Search engines tend to prefer sites which have lots of links pointing to them. The thought is: if lots of other sites are telling you to go there, then it must be worth reading. So people set up a newspaper to create external links to topics they think are worthy of search-rank boosting.

(by the way, this also explains why so many sites have a long string of banners at the bottom of some links page - each of those banners usually represents another site linking back to their site, which mutually benefits both sites to be easier to find via search engines... and that concludes the lesson of "everything I know about SEO")

So there's a newspaper called "The #black Daily" which pulls from Twitter posts with the #black hashtag and a link to something with an RSS feed. I assume it's an automated paper, not manually selected, because the top story is not in English, and well, because my story is in there.

Don't get me wrong, I loooooooooove me some big black cock - /shiver - in person and in dildo form, but I have never before considered myself a representative for the voice of the black experience. Clearly, I still don't!

But I'm thrilled for the link, amused to no end, and happy to have given a giggle to a fellow Flirt!

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