Thursday, August 18, 2011

Domination Landing Page

I am pretty darn pleased with myself for completing a new page: Domination by Galiana: An Introduction. This will be my landing / "where to start" page for advertisements and top list banner sites emphasizing my dominant side.

It's still a bit wordy, of course, but then, so am I. I'm sure I'll revise it a cajillion times.

I think it gives enough of an overview of my toppy ways, with some switchy balance, to be enough preparation for someone to call.

Of course, it's still linked to my full site, so someone could also land, get lost in my blog, jack off, and go to sleep. It's a known problem when you have a big blog full of dirty stories for free. I'm okay with that risk.

(PSO for PSOs - Public Service Announcement for other Phone Sex Operators: If you are NiteFlirt-compliant, please make sure you are only linking to and that you only follow my NF-compliant Twitter account

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