Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Tagline

Satisfying and Satisfied
I asked for advice on a new blog tagline, and I've settled on one.

The old one was: The Blogged Life of Galiana Chance, a phone sex operator with a fetish for variety

The new one is: The Phone Sex Blog of Galiana Chance, a genuine gal and "a very satisfying phone fuck"

Many thanks to SAFL for repeating the word "genuine" often enough for me to finally remember it, and to Gravelly Moon for his very first feedback to me ever, which was, "Witty, sexy, fun, and completely in to my fantasy. She's a great flirt and a very satisfying phone fuck." I had been taking calls for 15 days. His feedback made me high.

The old blog tagline sounded classy, well-written, and maybe even polite.

The new one? It reinforces the phrase "phone sex blog" which is how I want people to be able to find me. But more importantly, it amuses me. Therefore, to the great surprise of nobody familiar with my proclivities, I'm keeping it.

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