Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekend Women

In bad news, NiteFlirt pulled all of my friend Candace's listings (she has fixed the problem, but they didn't reinstate her listings before the holiday weekend -- boooooo).

Kiwi Candy
In good news, she is available for calls for most of the weekend, and you can still call her! Just go directly to her listing with this link:

Don't leave poor Candy all dressed up with nobody to play with! If you haven't called Candace, she's a good person: sincere and sexually charged and submissive... what more could you possibly want?

Or, if neither of us are around, there's a newcomer on the block:

Luna Zega
Gentlemen, please welcome Luna Zega, a firecracker sexpot with crazy curves, an erotica writer's naughty imagination, and a deliciously experienced maturity. I met her the same way I met Candace - she found my blog, and wrote me asking a few questions.

She's obviously a smart lady with a keen understanding of human sexuality. You can find her listings here:

As for me, well, my husband and I decided last-minute that we would host a New Year's Eve party for our new kinky local friends... which is tomorrow... ZOIKES! So we're running around like crazy people trying to prep for an onrush of kinksters.

It's a lovely problem to have, but it means I'll be off tomorrow (New Year's Eve), and I will only be around Sunday and Monday for appointments, so email me to book your time (!

I hope your 2011 has a lovely finish, and that your 2012 has a lovely beginning!

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