Thursday, December 1, 2011


2010 Santa
2010 Santa

I didn't write much in November for a few reasons: (1) my allergies have been threatening to migrate to my lungs, so I've been fighting off a cough for a week, teetering hourly between winning and losing the battle, (2) my husband traveled back to Houston via train for Thanksgiving, which left me surprisingly worry-paralyzed that week, and (3) I seem to have picked up a local lover, even though I didn't intend to look for one this quickly.

The keys to seducing me seem to be (1) funny and (2) smart and (3) kind. My husband is easily Roger Rabbit levels of funny (yes, I did just make myself Jessica Rabbit, thank you very much), and the new lover is a serious sapiosexual's wet dream come true (his brain is totally bigger than yours). And both of them are wonderfully kind, to others as well as to me.

Luckiest. Girl. Ever.

Now that I've settled into a weekly routine with the new beau, and hopefully won the war against germs in my head and chest, I will attempt to resume a more predictable schedule for the remainder of the holiday season.

I'm continuing to make appointments, 10am-4pm Central, or after 8pm Central. There's a 30-minute minimum for appointments, and I need at least a few hours' notice, but a day ahead works best. Write me at NiteFlirt or at my email to set up a time.

I'm continuing to thoroughly enjoy the whole appointment thing a lot. I love being able to sink into a caller's fantasies even before I hear his voice, to get my head space right, to have time to anticipate and tingle in all the right ways.

Before 10am? I'm asleep or snuggling with dogs. Nobody gets to interrupt snuggle time. Between 4pm and 8pm? I'm feeding dogs and dining with the hub, or doing 2-person chores with him, like deciding how many items we can part with from our obscenely large collection of underused electronics and power cords which no longer match any electronics we own... we think. It's a huge problem in the geek world.

As for logging in for general calls for Anyone In The World, I'm finding 9pm to midnight Central to be my most common hours.

Oh, and I also picked up a volunteer to take pictures of me, so I'm hoping to have some holiday pictures in my new Red Room in my new naughty Santa outfit soon! Yay!

As far as I know, I'm not traveling back to Houston until early in the New Year, so I should be around for most, if not all, of December! I look forward to holidazing with you!

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