Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three-Day Party

With only two days to prep, we decided to have a New Year's Eve party for all our new kinkster community friends who were "holiday orphans" this year (my mom's term for friends we invited to our holidays when I was growing up - it's a fabulous tradition that I'm glad to carry on).

The party didn't really end until Monday evening around 9pm when my lover went back home to sleep in his own bed after 2 nights with me, and I crawled, exhausted and deliriously happy, into the guest room so my husband could keep fucking his new girlfriend.


To back up a bit: at noon on Saturday, my husband had never met my local lover, and although my husband had been texting the college student he had smacked with a crop before Christmas, neither of them really knew if they would hit it off in person after she came back in town.

Also, we hadn't really finished unpacking. So party prep, in addition to normal cleaning, included tucking away all our boxes of miscellany safely out of sight, and coming up with House Rules for play times in case someone wanted to beat or fuck someone else. You know, the usual.

The morning of the party, hub invited my lover to the party. I knew he was ready to meet him, but still, it was a big invite, a big step forward in my dream of blissful-hippie-free-love-dom for us. Things got more interesting when his now-new-girlfriend came over a few hours early in a smokingly sexy short dress with her lovely cleavage delightfully on display, and the reddest lipstick I have ever seen. Yeah, they hit if off in person just fine.

A word about the pics: we didn't photograph any guests at the party to protect their privacy, and I forgot to take a pic of me, but I was in the same cleavage-tastic top as the kinky holiday party from before Christmas.

The party was simple and intimate: about 10 guests in all. The before-midnight shenanigans were relatively tame, but super fun. We created a light-hearted party game which worked out remarkably well as an ice breaker. Here's how to play:
  1. Set up: Everybody gets paper (one color for kinky, one color for non-kinky) and writes down offers of activities which can be delivered in less than 90 seconds, like "Galiana will spank you bare-handed" on the kinky paper, or "Galiana will rub your feet" on the non-kinky paper
  2. Set up: Everybody gets a unique token (we used six-sided dice of different colors because my husband has a lot of them)
  3. Set up: Have two bowls: one for kinky and one for non-kinky (ideally, they'd match the paper if you're that coordinated)
  4. Have someone blindly pick out one kinky offer and one non-kinky offer (ex: "You get to crop Jack" and "Jill will give you a quickie palm reading").
  5. Everyone choose which bowl to put their token into - or whether they want to sit out this round.
  6. Have someone blindly pick out one token from the kinky bowl and one token from the non-kinky bowl.
  7. The two people who offered and the two people who won have a few minutes to make good on their offers while everyone watches.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 as often as you wish.
Ladybug Apron
We only played about 10 rounds, but I got to spank someone, watch someone get bitten hard on their shoulder, watch a plate of food be served in a deeply caringly submissive way, hear a quickie tarot reading, and, best of all, watch an absolutely adorable redhead in her mid-20s put on the apron pictured here and then peel off her dress and underwear underneath it (she spent the rest of the evening in JUST the apron... how fucking adorable is that?!?)

I had gotten this apron for my sister as a birthday present, but hadn't mailed it to her yet. The guest in question said, jokingly, I think, that she would be willing to wear only an apron if she had a pretty apron, at which point I jumped up and yelled, "I HAVE A PRETTY APRON! YOU CAN'T TAKE IT BACK! YOU SAID YOU'D GET NAKED UNDER IT!" (I might have a bit of a crush on her. She's a redhead, and a geek, and she sometimes breaks into a super-dorky-awesome version of The Running Man when she dances, and she's so damn cute it's painful. Seriously. Huge crush.)

So at midnight, everyone kissed everyone (cheek kisses were an acceptable option), and I might have made out with the redhead in the ladybug apron for just a few minutes longer than was really socially acceptable...

After midnight, it got really interesting. Hub's now-girlfriend wanted to jump his bones, but she was nice enough to point out that one of the other guests was sad she didn't get a longer midnight kiss from my husband, so he was kind enough to remedy that. Then he offered if anyone else wanted a longer midnight kiss... and the redhead took him up on it.

And then hub and the redhead closed the door to his office, and sounds of leather on flesh started popping out. Twenty minutes later, he called me in to assist with aftercare because she was so deeply affected by the experience, so I got to hold her, naked, while she pulled herself back together, while I told her how fucking awesome she was. See if you can guess what this did to my crush on her? Damn.

After we finished in the office, hub and his now-new-girlfriend disappeared up to the foldout couch in the Fuckatorium where the condoms and lube and sex toys were set out, the redhead took the blow-up mattress in the office, the woman who had wanted the longer kiss got our bed, and my lover and I were in the guest bedroom.

In case you were wondering, overhearing an adorable college student in the throes of passion, knowing it was my husband making her thrash? It worked for me. I was ludicrously happy.

New Year's morning, as the six of us rolled out of bed at varying times, we managed black-eyed peas in the crock pot, cocktail sausages to snack on while omelets were mangled into scrambled eggs, and an utterly mismatched set of stemware to wash from our champagne toast at midnight.

The kisser and the redhead left at some point when I was curled into a ball upstairs (my vertigo medicine finally wore off, and the rebound hit me). The rest of Sunday and Monday (hub and lover were both off work) were spent enjoying casual meals, comedy specials, and snuggling with the dogs (who were delighted to have two more people to beg for pets and fetches).

Then, as the credits rolled on the last comedy special on Monday, my to-do list rolled in on top of it, and I felt the haze of the holiday dissipate. I have a robot video to edit, pictures from the pinup photo shoot to list for sale, hosting setup for podcasts (I'm toying with the idea of starting one), and I have to blog about this crazy weekend!

So my lover left, but hub's now-girlfriend is still here. Her roommates don't return for a few days yet, we like having her here, and, ummm, she's thinking of joining my ranks as a phone sex operator, so I'm probably going to be spending time setting her up over the next few days.

I'm totally not kidding. There is an adorable college student living with me who is fucking my husband, and I'm going to show her how to be a phone whore. I'll let you know when she's online. You're gonna die - she's too damn cute. Then you're gonna wanna punch my husband for being such a lucky sonofabitch.

I used to have a life I could share on Facebook...

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