Sunday, December 18, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas are my friend's never-been-worn Fluevog "The Business" boots:

Fluevog "The Business" Boots
The caption says, "Let's face it, it's business time - and these new Body Parts take care of business like nothing else. With these luxurious beauties wrapping you in soft patent faux-reptile leathers lined in gold and laying you on a surprisingly comfortable 4" golden heel, attracting new business will be the least of your concerns."

The videos I could make in these boots. The cam work. Not to mention, the complete and total FUN of going to play parties in them!

My friend knows what I do for a living, and she has realized she'll never wear the boots, but she can't afford to give them to me for free. These boots deserve a great life, a life she cannot give them. They deserve better. They deserve to be treasure, adored, displayed, admired, and most of all: worn.

The boots retailed for $549. They are now discontinued, which makes them precious on ebay. She will sell them to me for $275 if I can promise her that much in the next 5 days... which is where you come in (if you wish to), because I don't have anywhere close to $275 to spare at the moment.

So, how can you help? Oh, look here, I have NiteFlirt tribute buttons! Well. Isn't that handy?




Also, I can receive gifts via PayPal at for any amount.

If you contribute to the Fluevog boot fund, and I get the boots, I will send you "thank you" videos wearing them -- I'll make one video for all contributors with close ups and details. Then for people who contribute $50 or more, I'll also make a video especially for you with your name in it.

If I don't raise $275 and don't get these Fleuvog boots, I'll buy myself a less expensive pair of party boots with whatever I raise. Plus, I'll pout. A lot. It'll be tragic. Okay, no, it won't be tragic, but I will be sad at the missed opportunity.

I really want these boots. They make me feel funny in my tummy to think about wearing them. They're lace-up, knee-high, and dead fucking sexy.

I'll make a confession: the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever worn retailed for $130 (suede heels by Rockport, by far the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever worn, and I wore them every day when I briefly trained people how to use computers in 1996). These boots would quadruple that number, which is dizzying to contemplate.

Actually, neither of my wedding dresses even cost me $549, nor have any coats, no cocktail dresses... nope, nothing. Not even close. I paid $186 for a Laura Ashley bridesmaid dress in the 90s, but that's the most expensive piece of clothing I've owned so far. So these boots would become my most extravagantly luxurious item of clothing ever.

I think I'd have to take out a rider on my renters' insurance for them. That's awesome to consider, isn't it?

I should totally be wearing these for New Year's Eve. Make it happen, peeps.

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