Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Do You Do For a Living?

Dear Other PSOs,

What do you say when someone in public innocuously asks what you do for a living? Like the bank guy seeing my direct deposit dribble in with small daily payments...

I usually break eye contact immediately, do a dismissive wave of my hand, become as distant and stiff and formal as I can muster, and say "I do personal consulting". Then I look back at them with one eyebrow slightly arched and no hint of a smile on my face. Nobody has ever asked for clarification.

I understand fully: that response could just be drawing attention to myself. Thankfully, since I report all my revenue and gifts on my taxes, and I'm not breaking any laws, I have nothing to hide if someone chooses to snoop. I mostly just think it's funny to go all alpha bitch suddenly with no warning and watch the response.

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