Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video(s): Pleasurebot Testing

A gentleman who has seen the Galiana Demo videos (first and second) requested a custom video of the testing done on a Galiana model pleasurebot android before she is shipped to her new owner.

Please note: this version of the Galiana model was ordered especially full-figured, and appears even curvier than earlier demonstration models.

We here at Advanced Smart Fun Robotics (ASFR) take our testing very seriously: we test extensively and thoroughly indeed, which resulted in 25:48 of video. Yep, that's over 25 minutes of fembot testing!

During most of the testing, the unit was naked, which is why we cannot show as many pictures as we normally would to showcase our videos. The one picture shown is from the "Strip Tease" section of testing, when the model was in demonstration human emulation mode. Stripping does, of course, requires clothing to be put ON before it can be taken OFF... although that might have caused a bit of confusion...

All four parts combined are $40 (they are $48 if you purchase them individually, so that is more than a 15% savings!). Link to buy the combination video:

Each part is $12 if you purchase them separately.

The descriptions below of each part would be considered spoilers if you were considering these a work of fiction, so if you prefer to be surprised by the testing parameters and results, please stop reading now.

Part 1 (07:58): Boot Up, Test Basic Movement, Describe Model Specifications

The naked pleasurebot boots up, stating her manufacturer/series/model/serial number/programming, then begins testing basic movement. After walking, bending, etc have been confirmed to be functioning as expected, she describes the specifications ordered for her particular unit. Link to buy Part 1:

Part 2 (06:39): Describe Sexual Programming, including explicit close-ups

The naked pleasurebot switches to demonstration human emulation mode to describe in a chirpy, happy, straightforward way all the sexual positions available to someone interacting with a Galiana series fembot: oral, breasts, vaginal, and anal, with explicit closeups, but no penetration (unless you count fingers being stuck down a throat as penetration). Link to buy Part 2:

Part 3 (06:59): Testing Strip Tease and Erotic Dancing functionality

The naked pleasurebot tests erotic movement capabilities, including dancing and strip tease... but runs into some issues because stripping requires clothing to have been put on first. This is resolved, and the testing continues. Link to buy Part 3:

Part 4 (04:32): Testing Pleasure Processing with dildo, leading to malfunction-via-orgasm

The once-again-naked pleasurebot tests pleasure processing by using a dildo with her vaginal unit, initiating the orgasm sequence, a run of events which reveals a few calibration issues which clearly need to be resolved before the unit can be shipped. The Galiana unit's ending position is clearly not an indication of fembot health. Link to buy Part 4:

No matter which part(s) you choose, you get both the large (1280 x 720) and small (320x240) resolutions. The format is WMV (please contact Ms Galiana Chance at ASFR Customer Service if you require a different format).

Remember: at ASFR, we have "The Best Human Emulation Mode in the Business!" and "Your Fun Comes First!"

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