Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stuff to Buy Reorg

I have reorganized my Stuff to Buy page (Stuff to Buy) so now the main page has info about custom pricing, but then splits into three pages to list things for sale: MP3s, Photo Sets, and Videos.

Even though I only have 2 MP3s available at the moment, it still had to be the first page because I needed them to be alphabetical, even though videos sell better for me than photos MP3s. I am slightly annoyed by my own impracticality on that issue...

I'm sure you've noticed the flurry of pay-to-view announcements lately on my blog. The truth is, I had a few things holding me back from producing more content: My "Stuff to Buy" page was a mess and it made me cringe to add things to it, my ordered list of what to do to publish new content was a mess and it made me cringe to follow it, and I had a backlog of stuff I'd already shot that was in various stages of having been produced and it made more sense to me to finish those before I started others.

So I have now finished publishing all the pay-to-views (PTV) that I had started, although I have a few more to announce on the blog (I wanted to intersperse with other types of blog entries as well so the blog isn't solely comprised of pay-to-view announcements). But the hard stuff of editing, listing on NiteFlirt, etc, has been completed.

I swing back and forth: sometimes, I feel like I should just stick with the phones, because it's simpler to get sexy and log in than it is to make content. Then I'll sell some content when I'm away from the phones and feel like I should continue to provide those other revenue streams for myself.

It's all opportunity cost, right? If I spend my energy on my PTV content, I would probably lose my phone sex audience. My phone sex audience likes having stuff to buy, but there aren't enough of them to support making content unless I spend energy promoting my pay-to-view content. It's complicated.

If I were to keep the Fuckatorium in a video-ready state all the time, it would be easier. But I let the dogs play tug-of-war with ropes in there, which fray and leave strings on the carpet. And I have piles of clothes in various levels of put-away-ness (laundry is my nemesis!). And I'm not sure I'm happy with the way the room is arranged for video to start with...

The tortured life of The Girl Who Never Thinks Her Stuff Is Good Enough, right?

Regardless of all my insecure whining, I would appreciate it if you would drop by the rearranged Stuff to Buy pages and tell me if you find them easier to use now. And also, you know, if you want to tell me that seeing all those thumbnails of me drives you complete insane with lust, I'd be up for that, too. Thanks!

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