Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Video: Galiana-bot Monitoring Fembots and Changing Clothes

I shot this custom video back in April, and it has been available on my "Stuff to Buy" page for a while, but I never announced it, silly me.

Watch the trailer!

This video was made from a custom script. In the first half, I am monitoring other fembots and reporting on their progress (so the first 9-ish minutes are close up of my face talking in emotionless mode).

In the second half, I receive new orders to prep for a multi-fembot orgy, so I peel off my jacket and blouse and skirt, revealing a lacy black bra and panties and garter belt and stockings, and then I put on a silver newsboy hat and some silver gloves, and practice my greetings to get ready for the party!

running time: 18:19
resolution: large (1440 x 1080) and small (320x240) are both included
format: WMV (please contact me directly if you require a different format)
price: $15

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