Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ms Galiana Reborn

I am pleased to announce the renaming and rewriting of my dominant listings. Please welcome Ms Galiana:

I had angst about this rename and rewrite. Many of the common possible titles (like Mistress, Goddess, Domme) felt too limiting... yes, I can be that role, but I can also be the others. The previous name, and listing text, felt dishonest, like more a reflection of what I saw others doing than what I was truly interested in doing myself.

This version of the listing is me. And apparently, "me" is seriously damn verbose. My angsting seems to have resulted in a metric fuck-ton of text; more of a novella than a phone sex listing. I included a few good pictures to balance, but I probably over-explained.

However, for someone interested in establishing a complex dominant/submissive relationship, it is also possible that level of detail is appropriate, and perhaps even necessary. That's what I'll tell myself to avoid another rewrite any time soon, anyway.

The rates are significantly higher than my Smart Fun Galiana listings, because I expect to get fewer calls, and from a different crowd. It takes more energy and concentration for me to lead than it does to follow and enhance, because I have to keep track of all the hot-buttons and quirks and budgets and moods... So if it's not as popular, so be it, but I think I'm worth that much when I am in that role.

I've tried this before, having multiple logins, and I didn't get very far. I got a bit overwhelmed by the multi-login logistics, but also, I found myself so unhappy with the listing as it was written that I avoided identifying with it. Silly me.

Hopefully this time, I have set the stage appropriately, and Ms Galiana will enjoy a long, healthy, prosperous life with a delightful stable of playthings at her beck and call. Mmmm, that's a tasty thought right there, isn't it?

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