Sunday, January 22, 2012

Listings Rework

In my first year as a phone sex operator, I re-did my listings 18 times. Oh, sure, about half those versions were minor changes, but still, that's an awful lot of tweaking. In months 12-18 (I totally missed my year-and-a-half-iversary), I've only redone my listings once so far, so it was time for me to muck around on them.

The simplest change is that I added my new "Galiana Chance: heart of a girlfriend, imagination of a whore" banner to all my listings.

The more complex change is that I have reversed my experiment with having multiple "characters" (Smart Fun Galiana, Hypno Galiana, and Ms Galiana - three separate NiteFlirt logins). I'm going back to just Smart Fun Galiana. My individual listings will be more diverse, and my rates will be less diverse. I pulled content from Ms Galiana into my Fem Dommes and Mistresses listings, I created a new "Other" listing for Hypnosis (which should get approved this week), and I added more submissive language to my submissive listings.

Galiana's unrelated gratuitous favorite picture of the day

The truth is, my availability is too limited to bother keeping up with 3 logins and 36 listings. I did the explosion of listings to make it more likely that people would call me when I was logged on - to reduce my "Call Now!" time. But I've been pretty happy with how often my "Call Now!" time turns into "Busy" time, so the extra effort seems... well... it seems extra.

More than half my calls are appointments these days - people who already know me, who aren't finding me because of my listings, so they don't care. And many of my new callers find me from my blog (and a few from Twitter), so they'll follow whatever link I give them.

The truth is, the people who are most likely to become repeat callers are the types of people who don't need me to be specialized. My most loyal callers read my blog and ask me about my life - they don't need me to cater to only their fetish.

I know now that I will never succeed as any type of pure specialist - I'm too much of a variety fetishist. I think I've finally accepted myself as a genuine gal with a fetish for variety and a spicy home life. That seems like enough, doesn't it?

I didn't delete Ms Galiana or Hypno Galiana in case I want to re-reverse the decision. I'm not stupid enough to think that I never change my mind. Ha. The phrase "I never change my mind" is amusing even to type because of its blatant untruth.

So, in a fit of productivity during "Call Now!" time today, I cleaned up all my links and contact info so they all just direct to Smart Fun Galiana. Oh! And while I was at it, I made all my links affiliate links, so if someone new joins NiteFlirt for the first time after arriving at NiteFlirt via my link, and then they spend $50 in their first 60 days, I make money! Neat!

And before you ask: Yes, it is unethical for you to create a new account just to make me affiliate money. Don't do it, or I'll get pissed at you. This isn't a sooper seekrit code for "I'm telling you to do this using reverse psychology in a way that means I won't get in trouble". Nope. I'm seriously saying: Don't do it. Just Say No to unethical karma.

However, if you don't have a NiteFlirt account and you want to call me, please click this pretty picture or this pretty link in order to get to NiteFlirt so I make extry moneys:

Call Smart Fun Galiana for phone sex on
Phone Sex with Smart Fun Galiana on

Or, if you already have an account, it doesn't hurt anything for you to click, so feel free to click the links to see my slightly updated listings. If you're in the mood to perv on my words and pictures and the blog isn't doing it for you, I won't judge.

So. This concludes the first "Day of Crossing Off More To-Dos Than I Created" I've had in aaaaaaaaages. I vote that I get a reward of "spend the evening with my local lover and the new thigh restraints he got for me" as a prize. Oh, hey, would you look at who's due at my door in ten minutes... /squee

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