Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome Lady Devant

In 2011, we lost our house, moved, I found new vertigo medications, my husband found a great job out of town so we lived apart for 5 months, then I moved again to live with him. I said many times, "I hope 2012 is boring."

So far in 2012, we hosted our first BDSM/kinkster play party, my husband and I each had separate lovers spend the night in our home for the first time ever, and now... ummm... we've decided to invite in a roommate who also happens to be my husband's lover/playmate/girlfriend (the labels are fuzzy, but he beats her and he fucks her and he loves her, so whatever that is).

And just to completely toss my life into the category of "stuff you can't share with your mother's friends on Facebook", that roommate / lover / playmate / girlfriend also happens to be interested in being a coworker of mine to join me as a phone sex operator.

2012 is soooooooo not boring. Yay!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Lady Devant to the ranks of phone whore-dom.

Lady Devant, aka my roommate
It has been noticed that yes, she looks a lot like me. Dark black glasses, round face, cute grin, big boobs. Start with me, knock off 20 years of age and experience, 4 inches of height, and 60 pounds of pudge, and ... well... you'd get Devant! She's an open-minded kinkster with a sincere, genuine, honest love of cock. I know, I've seen it in action (ask her what is her favorite technique for swallowing when she's giving head... the answer was fucking amazing to witness in person).
On the selfish side, I don't care how adorable and sexy she is, I'm very picky about my roommates, and I don't factor in sex appeal to the decision to live with someone. My decision to invite her as a roommate after a trial week of living together was because: (a) she doesn't expect mind reading (b) she's good with our dogs and loves them as much as we do (c) she's willing to do a fair share of chores, and (d) she's willing and able to negotiate tricky life stuff like who pays for what in a calm, rational manner.

So I win big. As I said to my husband, the life I want to live includes having dogs, and traveling home to Houston to see family more often, but the two things together are a logistical nightmare: either I need to make enough money to board the dogs (and then fret about them), or he has to take care of them solo (and then I fret about him and them). Having a responsible roommate will honestly allow me to live more of the life I want. The thought of it makes me cry-happy.

Also, the giggles and grunts and moans and wails eminating from the bedroom when they're in there together make me cry-happy. Seriously. I always thought they would. I always thought I was a compersion kind of a girl (compersion = being happy at someone else's happiness, and the polyamory community uses the word a lot). And now I can say for sure that yes, I am a compersion kind of a girl. Yay!

Also, sometimes, Lady Devant is just so frikkin hilarious she makes me cry-happy by being a big dorky goof head:

she makes awesome silly faces
 She really is that adorable in person, too. It's almost painful to be around to her sometimes because of the urge to squish her up and hug her forever. Or strip her naked and play with her awesome boobs and spank her ass. It's difficult to decide, and they both make her so happy!

So please, head on over to her listings to learn more about her deliciously kinky imagination and happy bouncy energy, and then give her a call and welcome her aboard! http://www.niteflirt.com/devant

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