Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Theoretical New Schedule... ish...

In theory, I can predict a rough kind of a schedule these days. This is what I'm shooting for on weekdays when I have no other plans (dunno yet about weekends):

7 am - 8 am: up with the dogs to let them out, feed them, snuggle them so they will sleep a while longer

8 am -11 am: sleep

11 am - 2 pm: wake up - my new meds make me groggy as hell in the mornings until I have a loading dose of caffeine, which takes a while to kick in - and try to eat something

2 pm - 5 pm: log on for phone sex - yay! It would be so great to get back in touch with afternoon callers again

5 pm - 8 pm: feed dogs, feed myself, take the dogs out to stretch their legs and get some wiggles out of their system - to a park, or at least for a walk around the complex - I've been walking more, and it feels great

8 pm - 2 am: log on for phone sex- yay! The dogs can usually peacefully lounge around downstairs on their own between 8 and 2 as long as I let them sleep with me from 2-7 am. If I crate them overnight with no snuggles, they get yowly.

My biggest challenge so far on the new meds (which do keep me less dizzy - yay!) is keeping simultaneously hydrated and caffeinated without using caffeine pills, which spike my caffeine too much and make me jittery. If that's my worst problem in life, I am soooooooo sooooooo happy.

Callers who talked with me before the new meds and since the new meds say they cannot tell a difference on the phone. Yay!! My brain feels a little slower overall, but I usually slowed myself down for phone sex anyway - most people don't want a rush job.

The clear victim of my new meds is chatting: I cannot chat with more than one person at once, and even chatting with one person at a time is complicated. I think it's because I used to multi-task while chatting, and by brain switches more slowly between tasks now, so I find it far more difficult to chat while simultaneously doing anything else, but chat isn't really something you do as a dedicated activity. Maybe it'll come back.

I have been logging in for phone sex in the evenings lately. Not every night, but most nights. Yay! And I've been setting up appointments with people who email me and ask for them, which is quickly becoming a favorite modus operandi of mine - it's lovely to be able to pick up the phone and already know ahead of time which flavor of energy I will be responding to. Delicious.

I have used the word "yay" too many times in this post. One interesting side effect of the new meds: I cannot be bothered to correct that. My brain is too mellow and laid-back to work up the concern.

However, I do still have perfectionist tendencies when it comes to getting on cam, doing photo shoots, writing blog entries, and making custom mp3s / videos, so those are still only happening very rarely. Well, okay, so I'm a bit more lax about what goes on the blog, but the ideas in my head aren't making it to "Publish Post" as often as I'd like these days.

Apparently, at my husband's new job (which is going very well, by the way, thanks!), a common phrase is, "It is what it is." That is true. The schedule, the blog, the pictures, the custom requests... they will all morph from what they were to what they will be in their own time, and I'll do my best not to beat myself up about what doesn't get done.

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