Monday, May 9, 2011

Consistent Availability

The number one key to success as a phone sex operator, according to most phone sex operator forums and blogs I've read, is: be consistently available.

Guess what I suck at?

Well, yes, cocks, but I meant "guess where I need to improve" not "guess what I crave to adore with my lips and tongue and shove to the back of my throat to relax me after a hard day".

Back on topic... it seems that last week I pulled one of my signature oops-I-pushed-myself-too-hard moves and knocked myself out of commission for about 36 hours longer than I hoped to.

The next two weeks won't be all that predictable either, because my husband will home during the day again (the job he had for two weeks kicked him out when he gave two weeks' notice) until he starts his new gig on the 23rd. I got in a lot of phone time during his first week of work, so I'm hoping things will settle after the 23rd, but probably not.

However, since I have a whole day of life to live today, regardless of what happened yesterday and regardless of what will happen tomorrow, here's what I'm looking forward to tonight: escaping the ever-changing realities of my ever-changing life by reconnecting with an ever-changing group of phone sex callers (several of whom I consider lovers and friends), and their ever-changing whims and desires.

Maybe I just like change. Change, variety, tomato, tomahto...

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