Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holy Crap Someone Took Me Up On It

Holy crap... someone took me up on my offer from my last blog post, so he could hear me being all loopy on my medicine. He said I just sounded drunk, and he thought it was amusing.

He asked me all kinds of questions to see if I'd accidentally admit to some dark secret that I wouldn't tell him normally, which made me laugh at him. As far as I can tell, no secrets were spilled ... mostly because I suck at keeping secrets even when I'm un-drugged!

And then he gave me a tribute for logging on for him! Ha! That cracked me up, because I was the one being all dorky and stoned and bizarre, so I was sure he was going to feel like he had made a mistake, but he insisted it was "fun as hell".

I plan to return to my regularly unscheduled slightly less dopey self tomorrow. No more double-doses for Ms Chance - it was a noble experiment, but the conclusions were clear: just one pill a day for you, young lady.

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