Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Away Time

There are two end-of-the-year type events this week for the teenager in the family, which, now that I live closer, I'm determined to attend.

Saturday, my husband and I have to re-configure our budget and expectations because he's been offered a better job than the one he started last week, which will involve more travel for him (still not worried about my safety because my family is close, and I have a pit bull with anxiety issues), so we have to figure out what needs to be set up.

I knew this spring would be a time of upheaval for me / us. I just didn't expect it THREE MONTHS of upheaval... Every week, I keep feeling like "next week, it'll probably feel like I can settle in a bit" and then something big changes.

I trust that I will get into a steady rhythm / schedule over the summer. Since last fall, I had a hunch: spring will be crazy, summer will be lovely. Fall is still a blank slate. I vote "sexy" - let's have a "sexy" fall, shall we? I'll focus in that direction :)

In the meantime, I'll do my best to answer emails, but I won't be taking many calls for the next few days, which makes me pouty and sad, and it makes me miss all of you, but I look forward to catching up upon my return!

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